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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Najimi. Are they simply a self-centered prick who only really thinks of themselves, or are they purposely giving Komi difficult tasks to try and improve her terrible social skills and gradually make her more comfortable in social situations?
  • Broken Base:
    • Almost everybody in the fandom wanted Komi & Tadano to be together, but now the problem comes from Komi's quest of making new friends - whether it should continue, or just stop in order to develop the pre-existing relationship with the cast & have more Komi & Tadano moments.
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    • Chapter 130 resets the slate, with the start of the second school year. Almost all the previously established female characters, with the exception of Najimi(?), are no longer in Komi's class. This caused a split over whether this is sticking to heart of the original premise and those who wanted there to keep the established ensemble.
    • This comes to a boiling on Chapter 188, where we are introduced to most of the classmates of Komi & Tadano at once. Part of the fanbase did like them for being less manic towards their devotion towards Komi and is okay with Tadano, but some found them to be gimmicky regarding their Punny Names (thought no fault of their own since before the summer vacation only Manbagi and to a lesser extent Ase is fully introduced to us).
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Onemine's this thanks to her introductory chapter, as she's one of the first aside from Komi and Najimi (relatively in the latter's case) to treat Tadano well, and decides to support Komi & Tadano.
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    • Katai, as he's the first male student to get a focus chapter on him after Najimi (and even then Najimi is... well, Najimi), having an enjoyable variant of the delinquent archetype, and his chapters are more focused on his relationship with Tadano instead of Komi.
    • Omojiri Miwa, the new homeroom teacher introduced in chapter 158. She quickly struck a cord with a lot of older readers due to her comical and relatable struggles with her Work/Life balance.
  • Growing the Beard: It is widely agreed that starting from Onemine's introduction, the subsequent side characters have started moving away from idolizing Komi to actually seeing her as a friend.
  • Ho Yay: Possibly the reason why the mangaka is hesitant to write in male characters despite it being a co-ed school:
    • For starters, Tadano & Katai. For being a character that was initially introduced rather late in (Chapter 76), his focus chapters and his later chapters in attempting to bond with Tadano would actually make him a legitimate love rival for Komi if Katai were a girl. His first interaction with Tadano after getting a love interest in Katou is giving Tadano a friend chocolate during Valentine's before Komi could.
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    • Chapter 110 in a nutshell, where all the boys (including Tadano) end up slack-jawed at Katai's muscular figure, Naruse straight up asks him to strip and pose with him because of his "beautiful body", and the rest of the boys are very eager to join in.
    • In Chapter 145, Hitohito gets to spend time with Shousuke in the hot springs, gets caught falling by him, and has an awkward silent conversation with him. By the end of the night, Hitohito is bewitched, calling Shousuke "hot".
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Komi-san's face explanation 
    • Tadano-kun has awakened a new fetish. explanation 
    • "Just get married already"explanation 
    • Tadano Bowlexplanation 
  • No Yay: Sexualizing Komi is typically looked down upon by fans, with the exception of vanilla lewds depicting her with Tadano.
  • The Scrappy: Yamai, at least in the English-speaking fandom. Not only is she the most unnecessarily hostile to Tadano, people also find her yandere character and perverted thoughts towards Komi annoying rather than amusing. That her first major appearance is being Easily Forgiven after kidnapping & threatening Tadano, and initially being the most recurring character after Najimi, don't help. However, her appearances eventually became less and less frequent as of Chapter 130's classroom shift.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: After a relative stable first year for Komi & Tadano (with the biggest obstacle between them being their own insecurities), the second year introduced us to Manbagi, who ended up having a crush on Tadano. Wouldn't be an issue if Manbagi wasn't likable in her own right. Of course, before Manbagi we have Katai as the competitor for the first year...for Tadano.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The knight girl in Yamai's group; we've never got to learn about her.
  • Tough Act to Follow:
    • To be fair it will take a lot for somebody to be as memorable as Najimi, but the reception of Agari Himiko was so lackluster that despite being one of Komi's first friends, Yamai quickly replaced her spot in Komi's group and her scenes got gradually lessened. Ironically, Yamai was even less well-received.
    • Subverted with Naruse, who is the second male character introduced after Katai, who initially has a less than stellar reception due to his quirk of being a narcissist and seems to be introduced just to group Tadano & Katai in their Field Trip. Then, his Butt-Monkey antics and his surprising kindness ended up making him likable to the readers.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Downplayed. Tadano Hitohito gets the Chew Toy treatment in-universe, being resented by his classmates for befriending Komi so easily despite being a Ridiculously Average Guy. Despite this he doesn't have trouble getting along with classmates when they're not vying for her attention and he is accepted as her Translator Buddy. The reaction in the fandom has been the reverse, to the point where it's characters who are more outwardly antagonistic towards him, such as Yamai, who gets viewed as The Scrappy.
  • The Woobie:
    • Nakanaka hides her loneliness with bluster, but when she briefly drops the act and quietly asks herself why no one wants to partner with her in gym class, it's absolutely heartbreaking. Fortunately, this is right before Komi offers to partner with her, leading to the two becoming friends.
    • Manbagi Rumiko; at the start of her second year she became a loner partly because her excessive makeup resulted in people avoiding her and partly because none of her friends from her first year were in the same class, causing her to stress up to the point of throwing up. Fortunately, Komi was able to calm her down and console her, and they became friends in the process.


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