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YMMV for the video game Knights of the Old Republic:

  • Awesome Ego: Assessment: HK-47 is an egoistical braggart that mocks everyone not named Revan and The Exile, and frequently boasts of his exploits and abilities. He is proud to say fans love him for it.
  • Awesome Music: Courtesy of Jeremy Soule. This game has gems such as "The Old Republic", "Darth Malak's Theme", and "The Sith/Endar Spire".
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Most fans either adore Carth to pieces or outright loathe him. Bastila often gets similar reactions.
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    • Some view Canderous as an awesome merc. To others he's an unrepentant jerkass hypocrite of epic proportions whose open pride in the horrific war crimes he and his people committed during the Mandalorian Wars make even the resident psychotic Killer Robot HK-47 appear tame in comparison.
    • Mission Vao. Either folks think she's a useless Tagalong Kid who is too squishy to be of any use and pointlessly opening her mouth to annoy or distract people, or an awesome Little Miss Snarker who makes a few good points, does a pretty good job as a Morality Pet and is a awesome Difficult, but Awesome Little Miss Badass whose skillset more than makes up for her squishiness. Complicate matters further by bringing up her de facto reincarnation as Vette.
  • Broken Base: In a case rather similar to Donkey Kong Country, whether the game has stood the test of time as a fun, worthwhile gaming experience, or is a bland, bog-standard RPG so thoroughly surpassed by its successors that it's boring.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Statement: HK-47 is a homicidal assassin droid whose 90% of dialogue involves how much he enjoys killing. It's a no-brainer even to silly meatbags that he crosses the line multiple times.
    • Jolee's escape on the Leviathan. He mind controls a guard in letting himself out and then mind controls him again stating the guard should be locked up instead for letting him out. As if that wasn't enough Jolee decides to drop the mind control just to Troll the guard while he's down.
      Guard: Damn you, old man! I'll kill you if I ever get outta here!
      Jolee: (With a cheerful tone of voice) Then I'll be sure to never let you out. Goodbye, sonny!
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The terentatek. They almost never miss, even if you have a high defense, hit hard enough to kill your character in about five hits, have a chance at Force pushing you, poisoning you, and are resistant (but thankfully not immune) to Force powers.
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    • The Guardian Droids in the ruins on Dantooine. Their defence is so high that your party will miss two out of three times, and if they do hit it might just bounce off. They use stunning moves in addition to fairly accurate blaster fire. Finally, they have an abnormally high save rate (for droids), meaning Droid Stun will only work occasionally. Part of this is due to their very high energy resistance, making them nearly immune to blasters and your newly-acquired lightsaber. Switching back to a vibroblade while fighting them makes them slightly easier. Very little will improve your hit rate against them, however.
  • Disappointing Last Level: The Star Forge as it ends on a level of Cut-and-Paste Environments with lots of pointless combat — more than the rest of the game even!
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: As a result of her being a non-hostile Sith (at least at first) with a tragic backstory who provides insight into the philosophy of the Dark Side, and due to the possibility of redeeming her in a similar manner to Juhani, Yuthura Ban possesses a respectable number of fans. She stands out compared to other NPCs, with fanart and even a mod to make her a party member.
  • Evil Is Cool: Statement: HK-47 is by far your most evil companion, and yet the silly meatbags love him for it. Canderous, to a far lesser extent. His is more the "Lawful Evil" variety, and his One-Man Army stats put him on par with Boba Fett.
  • Fan-Disliked Explanation: Bring up the novel Revan with caution on the fan boards. A lot of the fanbase was far from happy with the explanation that Revan and Malak were merely brainwashed and under the thrall of Vitiate the whole time.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: There's a pretty sizeable fanbase of folks who think that Juhani and Yuthura Ban would make a great team. The ladies have similar backstories, motivation, and temperament, but Juhani stuck with the Jedi and Yuthura went Sith (but comes back if you can talk her into it).
  • Game-Breaker:
    • One word: Canderous. He can regenerate his health, he can take tons of punishment and his marksmanship is devastating. When you first acquire him as a companion, it is best that you let him go on solo and take care all of the problem for you.
    • If you're in an area like the Sith Bases or the Vuklar Base (lots of computers and/or mines), and have a bit of patience, Mission can be terrifying. Load up with spikes, put her on stealth, have her sneak over to a terminal, disabling mines as she goes (and re-laying them in places the enemy will trip over). By the time she's done causing mayhem in the computer systems, most of the enemies will be wiped out and no lightsabers or blasters needed. T3-M4 can cause the mayhem with the computers, but he can't stealth.
    • If you have a high enough repair stat, a fully-upgraded HK-47 has regeneration, awesome stats, and can mow through enemies. The only downside is that you can't use heal spells on him.
    • Any high enough party with at least a Jedi Player Character and one Jedi follower.
    • The aptly-named "Destroy Droid" spell against any hostile droid. As pointed out by SF Debris in his review, he just spent the last few hours going through the final mission with nothing but this.
    • Force Wave will Force push, stun and kill any enemies in front of you - in any number.
    • Blaster bolt deflection is determined by a D20 roll; 1-9 and the bolt hits, 10-15 and the bolt will be deflected, 15-20 and the bolt will be deflected back to the shooter. It's relatively easy to make a build that gives a bonus of ten or higher to blaster deflection before the roll is even made.
    • Similar to ‘Destroy Droid’, once you get ‘Stasis Field’ (prevents enemies from moving or attacking) a fight with anyone but a powerful Jedi is going to be a walk in the park.
    • Stims and shields are also pretty potent. Aesop: ... drugs are good, use them?
    • Throw Lightsaber is an Always Accurate Attack, doesn't cost too many Force points to use, and is fairly long ranged. It can be used to endlessly kite melee enemies - including bosses - around battlefields while whittling down their health and only facing the occasional Force attack, which can be dodged with decent stats or equipment.
    • Get a two handed weapon or two weapons, throw in the Flurry feat, then raise Force Speed to max level, and add in two weapon fighting for good measure. The result is a character that becomes an absolute Murder Machine, able to attack an enemy 5 times in a single round. Later on in the game especially when hit chances go up all the player has to do is use Force Speed and then fill the action queue with Flurries and even Darth Malak himself won't survive more than a couple rounds against you.
    • Buy and wear the Electrical Capacitance Shield belt that grants you 100% immunity to electric attacks. Force Lightning is one of Sith's most frequent attacks and they will now be rendered useless. No wonder the belt was nerfed in the sequel.
  • Good Bad Bugs
    • The game forgets to add the two weapon penalty when using a double-bladed weapon. So not counting the Dueling feats, using a double-bladed lightsaber has the same accuracy as a single blade. The penalty is still applied as normal when using a weapon in each hand.
    • It is possible to duplicate any equippable item on Manaan by saving the game, removing the desired item, then going out the airlock and then back in.
    • It is possible to get an extra 200 credits and a second copy of Bendak Starkiller's blaster by talking to Starkiller immediately after defeating Twitch without getting the reward for doing so.
    • Similar to the Manaan trick above, if Zalbaar is stripped of all of his equipment before temporarily leaving the party on Kashyyk, everything he was wearing will be duplicated.
    • Force buffs have weird interactions with loading, whether from zone transitions or simply loading a save. It's not unusual to pass from one area to another only to discover your Burst of Speed buff has lasted several times longer than it should have.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Go here.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Go here.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Some interactions between Carth and male PC, especially if the PC is light-sided.
    • Even without the romance options, Female PC and Bastila seem closer than friends. Destinies tied by their force bond, intimate conversations about the force and their struggles with the dark side. Carth even seems jealous of how close you are at times. Even moreso if you choose the dark side ending, where the two of you take over the galaxy together and she is the only one standing by your side in that ending cutscene.
      • Jennifer Hale also voices Commander Shepard herself in Mass Effect, who happens to have a female romance option in all three games.
    • And of course, Juhani is the official Gay Option for female PC.
      • Naturally, her voice actor returns in Mass Effect, but it’s inverted from the above in that Jack (female, as in Jacqueline) can only be romanced by a male Shepard.
  • It Was His Sled: Your character in the first game is Revan with his/her memories erased. One of the most famous spoilers of the game's generation.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Prior to being mindwiped into a blank slate, Darth Revan brought the Republic to its knees. Once a bold, dynamic young Jedi commander who singlehandedly won the Mandalorian Wars for the Republic, Revan slipped to the Dark Side and sacrificed many of the troops whose loyalties they were unsure of. Becoming aware of the True Sith Empire, led by the monstrous Emperor Vitiate, Revan embraced Sith teachings and launched a campaign that crippled the Republic, leaving its infrastructure intact so they may one day harness it as a weapon against Vitiate and his empire. Revan executes a multitude of brilliant, perfect strategies, converting other Jedi to their cause, seeking to both conquer and save the galaxy all at once.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Canderous Ordo is often well liked for being such a Proud Warrior Race Guy. Indeed, some of his stories about his war actions are a sight to behold. He's also canonically very loyal to Revan - supported in gameplay by the fact he is one of the few party members who will never leave your side and will always find a reason to side with you. But what is so misaimed about him is the fact that, Mandalorians of this time period are... not someone you want to be friends with. Canderous's war tales include things such as wrecking entire worlds (meaning loads of collateral damage) so casually. In fact, taking a hypothetical war option that protects civilians has him call you out on it because sometimes you have to risk people like that in war. In-game, he is dark sided for many reasons.
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Among many fans, Revan can beat anyone. Anyone.
      • In The Old Republic MMO forums, the Star Wars Discussion forum is filled with "Revan vs. X" threads. Just to dethrone Revan's status as a Memetic Badass, there are multiple polls of "Revan vs. Palpatine" or some ridiculous fight Revan cannot win, one of the most unfair ones being "Revan vs. The Emperor of Mankind". The fans decided that Revan would win.
    • Calo Nord. "Go away. One... Two... smart."
    • Canderous Ordo. An Mandalorian ex-warlord and one of your best combat oriented companions. It doesn't matter if he can't use the Force. He can mow down Force users as easily as anyone else.
  • Memetic Loser: As opposed to his former master, Darth Malak doesn't have too good of a reputation among fans. While he is undoubtedly a powerful Sith Lord, he is also a rather poor strategist, didn't accomplish much on his own and is said to have always been Revan's inferior. It doesn't help that the first battle with him is very easy from gameplay perspective, and the second one involves him repeatedly losing most of his health, running away to heal and facing you again about dozen times, unless you kill (or free) the captive Jedi.
  • Memetic Troll: Statement: HK-47 and by extension, his creator Darth Revan. He views organics as inferior and calls them meatbags at every turn. If you call him out, he'll make half-assed apologies and keep on using the term. And the reason why he's saying that is because Revan programmed him as such after he called Malak a meatbag, much to his creator's amusement.
  • Moe: Love her or hate her, or anywhere in between, no one can deny that Mission is a very adorable, pure of heart character. She’s the protagonist’s Morality Pet for a reason. Her attempts to seem tough and street savvy despite her age just make her even cuter.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dark Side characters can choose to do this. Forcing Zaalbar to kill Mission is probably the worst example.
  • Narm:
    • The game engine is not always as versatile as the interesting setting or epic story calls for. Characters always have their weapons equipped, resulting in them sometimes stabbing themselves in the face by accident. The screen frequently fades to black when complicated-to-animate things like kisses happen.
    • If an alien doesn't speak Basic, expect to hear the same alien gibberish over and over, with only a handful of variations depending on species, gender and tone. It's hard to take the conflict on Kashyyyk seriously when 90% of the important dialogue is spoken with the same Wookiee sample.
    • There is one scene in which the player, Carth, and Bastila are subjected to Cold-Blooded Torture while being trapped in prison pods. When all three of you are shocked, they all end up doing the exact same motions in sync while screaming with their mouths visibly closed. They look almost like they're dancing.
    • The male voice for the protagonist’s grunts and short words is generally fine, but if you suffer the poison status effect, he gives this hilariously whiney “Ohhh, I’ve been poisoned!”
    • The Dark Jedi robes look distinctly... wedgie-inducing.
    • Malak is a frightening antagonist... until he laughs, which seems so forced and not sinister that it's hard not to laugh yourself.
    • A lot of the Dark Side options are eye-rollingly petty. Given who the player character turns out to be, it becomes harder to take Revan seriously knowing that he would probably take candy from a baby if given the chance.
    • Darth Bandon tries way too hard to look intimidating. Killing a random trooper for crossing in front of him feels less like a terrifying villain who will kill subordinates to demonstrate their lack of respect for life, and more like Evil Is Petty taken to such a level of silliness, it borders on parody.
    • Carth's hilariously off-model smile in the LS ending looks like he's wearing a set of novelty teeth.
  • Player Punch: Remember all the people you helped directly or economically on Taris? Nearly all of them got killed in the ensuing bombardment.
    • The Reveal is quite the Player Punch if you play as Light Side. Instead of simply fighting Malak, you realize that YOU dragged him to the Dark Side to begin with so now you're undoing the atrocities you helped create.
    • Star Wars: The Old Republic takes this punch to the gut even further. Remember those people in the Undercity you helped discover the way to their Promised Land? Good news was that they they survived the bombing and found the Promised Land. Bad news was that all the droids and technology there was rendered non-operational when the bombing cut off the power. Then the Rakghouls mutated so they could breed independently, instead of being created solely through infection. Then several generations later, they ran out of anti-rakghoul serum. The final survivors were barely literate and sterile, due to long-term exposure to toxic radiation. So, how about those Light Side points?
  • Polished Port: The mobile port of the first game adapted pretty well to touchscreen control, despite being built from the ground up for either Keyboard and Mouse or controller.
  • Porting Disaster:
    • The STEAM versions of both KOTOR 1 and KOTOR 2 struggle to run on modern operating systems despite being released on STEAM long after Windows XP computers were in the minority, with movie cutscenes being a particular problem spot. The versions enjoy a bit more support but are still crash-happy. The Steam version of KOTOR 2 edged more towards Polished Port eventually, however.
    • The mobile version of the game is mostly a Polished Port, but the Racing Minigame is much harder to complete than other versions.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
  • Rewatch Bonus: So, so much of the game's plot makes a lot more sense after you learn that you are an amnesiac Sith Lord.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Whose bright idea was it to make nearly every loot drop completely random, but not the chests or merchants? (See the second game and its almost complete randomization, occasionally giving you some pretty good items from the get-go).
    • When selling items of certain value or higher, the computer will pester you with a message box asking you to confirm the transaction. There's no way to turn it off.
    • Also while shopping, you can only sell one item at a time, including stackable items. Have fun selling those hundred of racing bonds.
    • For a significant number of fans, the turret fighter sequences are all but impossible using the keyboard controls. Especially frustrating is the first one that happens while you're escaping Taris, since if your ship explodes you have to watch all the cutscenes again. Fortunately, there are mods that exist which eliminate all but the plot mandatory sequences and make the fights easier to get through.
  • Scrappy Weapon: Heavy weapons. They are BFG, but has the exact same range as blaster rifles/carbines and their firepower are barely any better. Combine with a bad critical threat range, mediocre attack bonus and low availability, they are not very popular with players. The DLC rectify this by adding the Baragwin Assault Gun and the Baragwin Heavy Repeating Blaster which are the most devastating non-Jedi weapons. They are very expensive however.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: When the game came out, BioWare was still relatively new to non-isometric gaming and the idea of a Star Wars RPG set in the franchise's ancient history was novel and exciting. Now, with a more-mature BioWare coming out with better games, and with many other titles, including its own sequel, improving on it in many ways, the original Knights of the Old Republic can come off as a bog-standard console RPG with bland and simplistic writing to more modern audiences.
    • Likewise, Bioware has become very well-known for having a Gay Option, to the point where it's very noticeable when it's not there. They only managed to get Juhani in the game by flying very low under the Lucasarts radar, and even there, there was a lot of controversy and protest as she was the first established LGBTQ character ever in the Star Wars Legends.
  • Slow-Paced Beginning: Taris takes a long time to complete, usually two hours if not more. Even after you reunite with Bastila, you still have two more dungeons to go through before you can finally get off the planet. The pacing doesn't really pick up until the galaxy map is unlocked.
  • That One Boss: Malak can be this if you haven't done your build right (though he can also be an Anti-Climax Boss if the player knows what they're doing throughout the game). Going Light Side Scoundrel/Consular is one example, as you have very few hit points compared to, say, a Soldier/Guardian, and most of your damage comes from stunning your enemies and doing loads of sneak attack. Problem is, Malak's got very high saves and will almost always make his saving throws against your Force attacks.
  • That One Level:
    • Manaan. Lots of running around, little fighting, and plenty of endlessly looped Selkath speech audio as you develop eyestrain reading all the subtitled text. You will be tempted to murder every Selkath in the house by the time you're done. And the scuba suit segments take forever.
    • Taris is loathed by many due to being a Marathon Level. The level involves spending a huge amount of time running around many areas (including the Uppercity, Lowercity, Undercity and its sewers, as well as the Black Vulkar base) to track down Bastila. Later, you need to break into a Sith base and infiltrate Davik's estate to steal the Ebon Hawk so you could get off Taris. Eventually it is followed by a mandatory gun turret mini-game. Due to the low level cap (20) in the first game, many players prefer saving the levels of their character at this point so they could gain more level as a Jedi later on, which makes completing Taris even more difficult.
    • Kashyyyk. It's full of monotonous "go here, get that" type of quests, doesn't give you a lot of choice in how the story plays out, the terrain is frustrating, party members switching is disabled for the most part as well as party transit, and since virtually every character is a Wookiee you're going to hear a lot of "arr arr arr"... but Jolee Bindo is a useful and necessary character, especially in the later stages of the game, and the sooner you get him, the better.
    • The Star Forge. It's relentlessly hard and without the right squad (read: Juhani and Jolee) it will tear your apart. There are loads of Dark Jedi supported by Sith Elite Troopers. And the worst part is, enemies respawn and it's the only place in the game where it happens. If you let Dark Jedi swarm you, you're as good as dead. You can't run past them, because your companions won't ignore enemy and will attack on sight. Should you backtrack because of it, there's a chance another division will appear. Adding to the frustration is the maximum level 20 cap you probably hit before even reaching the Star Forge, meaning that all those kills won't make you gain a level. Oh, and as SF Debris points out, the "Destroy Droid" skill makes the whole thing less of a slog and more of a chore.
  • That One Sidequest: Beating all the swoop racing champions. Not only does it take a lot of practice, patience, trial and error, but the promoters also charge you 100 credits everytime you race. Even more frustrating is an unskippable cutscene of you slowly returning from racing and getting booed you have to endure every freakin' time you lose. It gets really annoying if you only lost by a tenth of a second or so, though you can always Save Scum to just before you talked to the race manager the first time to save money.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Fan reaction to the news that Star Wars: The Old Republic was going to be an MMORPG.
  • The Woobie: Juhani. The very first time you talk to her, you want to comfort her and reassure her that her life isn't over because of one mistake. That's before you learn all the rest: the details of her traumatic childhood, how she had trouble making friends when she joined the Jedi Order and spent time mostly by herself, and how one of the few friends she did make had his heart broken after he confessed his love for her and that she feels terrible about how much it hurt him to hear that she didn't share his feelings because she's gay. It's difficult to imagine anybody not wanting to hug her, tell her that everything's going to be all right, that things will be better from now on, and that not everything she feels guilty about is her fault.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • One year before the start of the game, the Jedi Council send a commando of Jedis to stop Darth Revan, which include Bastila.
      You'd Expect: That they refrain from sending the Republic's only hope against an all-powerful Sith Lord, even with a backup of veterans Jedis. Bastila is a simple Padawan and she can't use her Battle Meditation during combat. Her death or capture could immediately doom the Republic.
      Instead: They send her in combat with other Jedis against Revan despite the great risks. She's lucky to make it out alive, only because Malak chose that very moment to betray his master.
    • So the Dantooine Jedi Council wishes to retrain the amnesiac Darth Revan in the ways of the Force
      You'd Expect: That they talk to the High Jedi Council about making a decision this large.
      Instead: They promptly train the former Sith. They're lucky he didn't fall to the Dark Side again... well, immediately fell (depending on his choices).
    • Malak is on the Star Forge, with Revan heading his way and Bastila managing his fleets. Victory seems assured.
      You'd Expect: Bastila would be somewhere far away from the conflict so that the power of the Sith Fleets is focused on the Republic. Even if Revan falls, there will never be another opportunity for the Republic to attack here, so they're the real threat. That Battle Meditation of hers is so vital that he literally burned a world to ashes, sent his personal apprentice after her, and hired bounty hunters.
      Instead: Like the Jedi before him, he sends the single most important person to his plans in direct confrontation with the one person she should absolutely not be in contact with. As a result, either a) she's dead, b) she switches sides to the Jedi, or c) she switches sides to Darth Revan, helping take down Malak. In the first two scenarios, she's no longer using her meditation to help his fleet, so they quickly crumble and eventually, they blow up the Forge.
    • Xor, a common and down on his luck mercenary with a hatred of the Cathar species, but a "thing" for Cathar women, sees your Player Character and Juhani at a spaceport.
      You'd Expect: Him to notice that Juhani is packing a saber and wearing robes, and that the Player Character is likely similarly armed.
      You'd Expect: Him to realize that lightsabers and robes in this era NEVER means good news. He may be dealing with Jedi, who are very capable of kicking your ass if you provoke them, or Sith, who don't need an excuse to kick someone's ass. Or, failing that, someone who killed a Sith or Jedi and are now wearing their outfits as a trophy, in which case they'd still be capable of kicking his ass.
      You'd Also Expect: Him to recall that Cathar have amazingly short tempers by human standards.
      Instead: He strolls right on up to them and asks the human Player Character how much it would take to buy Juhani, following it up with some mind-boggling racist and sexist comments.
      You'd Expect: Once confirming they are Jedi, to know they have a low opinion of slavers and make an excuse to run away while he's got his limbs, head, and assorted other parts still attached. Failing that, he'd notice that this Cathar is now travelling with, discounting the Jedi, several people with ludicrous amounts of guns, which include a Mandalorian and a Wookie, both of whom are not known for suffering fools gladly.
      You'd Also Expect: Once he does get away, thank the Force for his lucky break and stay very far away from the Ebon Hawk.
      Instead: The idiot finds a couple of other low-rent mercs and tried to ambush a pair of Jedi in front of their ship. Needless to say, Too Dumb to Live applies here.

YMMV for the comic book Knights of the Old Republic:

  • Author's Saving Throw: The setting arose from the '90s series Tales of the Jedi. The video game came out around the same time as the prequels and hewed to the Shiny-Looking Spaceships and "no attachments for Jedi" elements of the films, despite being set only forty years after Tales. Not only was the aesthetic different, the Bastila romance involved "against the Jedi Code" angst and Jolee spoke of a "forbidden" marriage that took place at the same time Thon and Arca Jeth vocally approved of their students openly dating. When the comics came out in 2006, they returned somewhat to the Used Future look, had Jedi family and attachments, and established that "no romance" was championed by a minority faction within the Order that won out in the four decades between Tales and Knights.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Chantique, meaning "Destroyer", the slaver is a leader of the slaving operation Crucible and as the Magister Impressor is responsible for educating and teaching new slaves. Chantique, born Kessarah, proudly presides over a legacy of misery and torment, forcing slaves to battle one another in pointless gladiator fights, with one slave in particular having to carry the memories of every other slave who had ever suffered in the past. After the slave's suicide, Chantique proceeded to mock his would-be savior on the meaninglessness of his death. A brutal sadist who was not above outright murdering her victims, Chantique also possessed a grudge against her old rival Jarael and would stop at nothing to make her suffer and destroy all the relationships she had formed. The crowning moment of cruelty for Chantique was seeing that ever since she rose to lead Crucible, she celebrated by having one of her old schoolmates buried alive. When she learned her father was coming to collect her old classmates, Chantique buried them all and gleefully mocked him that he should have taught them how to hold their breath.
    • Demagol, born Antos Wyrick, become one of the most feared and loathed beings in Mandalorian history. Known as "The Flesh Carver", Demagol hungered to learn the secrets behind the Force by torturing the Jedi who fell into his grasp, even the children when children are honored and protected by Mandalorians. The experiments would often end in excruciating vivisection. Revealed to have once sold his own daughter, Chantique, into slavery at Crucible, when faced by her after stabbing her in the back, Demagol snarled he only wanted "The good ones. The ones that worked!". When he learns that Chantique buried his students alive, instead of mourning them he laments that she's ruined his "life's work." Combining a complete Lack of Empathy with sadistic scientific curiosity, Demagol stood as a unique monster in the Star Wars franchise and centuries after his death, his name had become a curse to the Mandalorians.
    • Haazen began his career in evil as a failed, jealous Padawan who murdered his former best friend Barristan Draay during the Great Sith War. His body rebuilt and scarred, Haazen's soul became as twisted as his outward appearance. Ruthlessly manipulating other Jedi into murdering their own Padawans, Haazen had Coruscant bombed from orbit to initiate a war that would allow him to destroy and rebuild the Sith and Jedi orders while ruling them from within. Haazen kept the true leader of the Convenant and the only one who might have stopped him in a state of horrible suspended animation where she could perceive every atrocity he manipulated her son in to committing, including the deaths of children. A man defined by jealousy and hatred, Haazen's grand goals of plunging the galaxy and causing the deaths of countless innocents while perverting the Jedi Order towards darkness were nothing more than an attempt to feed his ego and spit on the grave of Barristan Draay.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Chantique's outfits are eerily similar to some of the stuff Emma Frost wears, as well as dominatrix outfits in general.
  • Fandom Nod: Lots to the KOTOR games and the Tales of the Jedi comics.
    • Special mention goes to the editor's/author's notes at the end of issue 48, where Miller details the whole Rholan/Demagol fan discussions, and giving a nod to TV Tropes itself for its role on the topic.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Zayne and Jarael. At least, they started out as this since fans thought Zayne would end up with Shel. Safe to say the last issue made a lot of fans happy.
  • Funny Moments: Copious, especially in the introductory story-arc.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • The Jedi Covenant see a vision of a Sith lord dressed in a red environmental suit. At first, and given the events later, they're considered to have interpreted the vision wrongly. Alek wears one at the end of the flashpoint arc. The comic even calls attention to it.
    • After preventing the orbital bombardment of Serroco from being a total holocaust by calling in bogus tornado warnings and causing the native aliens to retreat to underground bunkers, Carth tells Zayne that "I hope, if it comes down to it, that someone would play the same trick on my family." He later loses a wife and son when his own captain defects and glasses his homeworld.
    • In light of what happens later, Saul trying to jail Zayne and his friends and turn them over to the Jedi for what will likely be a death sentence. Bastila may believe Jedi don't use the death penalty, but the Covenant sure didn't get the memo.
    • Also, in light of what happens later, Carth getting tangled in a Jedi conspiracy and cover up, and befriending the poor fellow at the center of the mess explains a lot about why he rightly suspected the Jedi Council was pulling something shady during the game.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Zayne Carrick telling Gryph that he's going to be a Jedi of the People and not let people who slip through the cracks suffer because of the Jedi Council's high handedness. Effectively choosing his friends over a Jedi Knighthood.
    • Gryph telling the Jedi Covenant that they never knew Zayne at all if they ever believed he could hunt them down and murder them.
    • Zayne and Shel's reconciliation in Knights of Suffering, especially considering the fact that she was planning to kill him less then fifteen minutes earlier. Her crying into his shoulder while hugging him probably helped to establish this atmosphere.
  • Ho Yay: When Celeste asks Zayne and Gryph if they were bitten (by Rakghouls), Zayne responds "No, we're just friends".
  • Jerkass: Lucien. At times, it seems like he's just using whatever excuse he can come up with to belittle Zayne. At one point, he accuses Zayne of never having the guts to do what needs to be done, which may very well be true, but the example he uses is not killing Haazen when he had the chance. At the time, Zayne had literally never met or even heard of Haazen before, and Haazen was still masquerading as a loyal servant of the Draay household. Zayne had absolutely no reason to suspect him of being a Sith acolyte.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Cassus Fett is the second-in-command of the Mandalorian army, passed in rank only by his leader Mandalore the Ultimate, to whom Cassus is utterly dedicated to conquering the galaxy in the name of. Reforming the frazzled people of the planet Mandalore into a competent armada that ever-expands its ranks by offering warrior posts to anyone able and willing, Cassus brilliantly pulls off a variety of extremely successful strategies that result in the Mandalorians conquering world after world all while manipulating the Galactic Republic into believing Mandalore is weaker than it truly is. Vicious and smart enough to pull off a full-scale genocide of the powerful planet of Cathar as vengeance for their betrayal of Mandalore decades past, Cassus ends up indebting himself to Zayne Carrick when the rogue Jedi saves Cassus's life, and Cassus later assists Zayne in taking down the horrific Demagol, proclaiming it to be not only about repaying Zayne, but also due to a personal distaste for Demagol.
  • Moment of Awesome: Far too many for this page. A partial list can be found at Moments of Awesome: Star Wars Legends.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Chantique crosses this during Destroyer, when she mindrapes Zayne, screws with his head, forces him to kill his friend, and causes him to drive Jarael away. Adding to the cruelty is the fact that Zayne fails to realize that he's been played until right after it's too late. Not even the fact that her father sold her into slavery, or the fact that Jarael doublecrossed her justifies the cruelty she shows Zayne during those two issues.
    • Raana Tey does when she tries to manipulate Shel into killing Zayne. Before she was kind of sympathetic, as her madness was caused by her guilt for what she had done.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Demagol's experiments. The Exgorths. The way that the Crucible tries to break Zayne Carrick.
  • Shocking Swerve: The hints had been dropped so steadily and for so long that Demagol having switched places with Rohlan probably qualifies as The Unreveal. But the fact that he's also Jarael's childhood mentor and Chantique's father? Nobody saw that coming. And yet, in retrospect it makes perfect sense.
  • Tear Jerker: Zayne has two of these in issue 6; the first when he sees his girlfriend's betrayed face in the crowd, and when he learns that his friends never really believed in him. Yeah, he get's better, but still.
    • "The people! The people!"
  • The Woobie: Zayne Carrick's life continually goes from bad to worse.
    • Snout qualifies big time. He's forcibly turned into a killing machine and forced to experience the memories of over 1000 years of pain and misery, and is forced to fight the one person who showed him any compassion in many years. Ultimately he kills himself rather then murder his friend even though he could have easily done it.


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