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YMMV / Klaus

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  • Esoteric Happy Ending: Most people are unsatisfied with Klaus leaving the Korp building alone, and wanted K1 to accompany him instead of staying behind.
  • It Was His Sled: It's becoming less of a spoiler that the player characters are androids.
  • Player Punch: Klaus' insults and betrayals are directed to you.

The comic by Grant Morrison

  • Complete Monster: Krampus, freed from his entrapment within Grimsvig's mines by Lord Magnus, quickly proves a far greater threat than the wicked Baron. Seeking to consume "wicked children", Krampus incinerates everyone in sight as he relentlessly searches for the village's youth. Even after Jonas selflessly offers himself in exchange for Krampus sparing the others, the demon continues to hound the other children, and blasts Lord Magnus into a charred skeleton when he gets in his way. Krampus's ultimate ambition is to scour the world, hunting all children he has deemed greedy and self-centered. Though claiming to be punishing the wicked, Krampus's wanton sadism and indiscriminate targeting reveals him for the self-righteous bully he truly is.

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