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  • Accidental Nightmare Fuel: Arlene Klasky has stated the company's infamous "Robot" logo wasn't intended to be scary. You be the judge.
  • Dork Age: Since their re-establishment in 2012 the studio's output has largely been pitch pilots and a web series on YouTube, both of which seem to have gone nowhere. However with the revival of the Rugrats in comic book form, along with Arlene Klasky's reveal of newer projects being in the works during a podcast interview note  indicates that the studio is climbing its way back up again.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: One of their failed pilots, You Animal, is about an anthropomorphic horse who's a washed up entertainer on the cusp of a comeback, voiced by a former cast member of Arrested Development. Exactly ten years later was Bojack Horseman. Not only that, but both shows seem to exist on the opposite end of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism.
  • Inconsistent Dub: For some reason, the Russian dub of As Told by Ginger seems to have the famous Splaat logo dubbed as shown here. What's weird about it is the fact that they didn't even bother to get rid of the English voice, being obvious you could still hear it some in the background, and the Russian voice actor seems to voice the logo every single time rather than reusing recordings,as there's slight difference in the recordings. The VA even goes as far as to imitate the blabbering noise Splaat makes at the end of the logo. It should be noted that none of the other Klasky Csupo shows dubbed in Russian have done this, they've all used the regular logo.
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  • Memetic Mutation: The company's infamously creepy second Vanity Plate, featuring a sudden splattering of ink and a yellow construction paper face named Splaat, is practically synonymous with the term "scary logo". So much so, various remixes (of varying degrees of quality) of the logo have been made. The character was eventually given his own web series, RoboSplaat, the first episode of which is about him complaining about his "scary" reputation.
  • Moe: Surprisingly, the second logo turned out to be an Adorkable, funny Keet with the voice of Greg Cipes and an equally adorable little brother.
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • Gabor Csupo's drawing style teeters between Awesome Art and this, usually when it comes to oddly-proportioned or emphasized body parts. In particular, he seems to have a thing for big, disembodied lips.
    • This is the main reason why Splaat gained memetic notoriety, given his rather freaky appearance.


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