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Marvel Comics character

  • Base-Breaking Character: It pretty much depends on when you started reading. For many who grew up with her, she's a badass who grew into an X-Man in her own right and is the ideal of what a young mutant character should be. For others, she's a bland character who only gets focus because of those Running the Asylum and there are much more interesting characters who deserve more focus.
  • Creator's Pet: For many fans of both Joss Whedon and Brian Michael Bendis.
    • She was the focus of Whedon's Astonishing X-Men run, which many didn't like.
    • Bendis had admitted he liked her since he was a kid and in Ultimate Spider-Man, he has the Ultimate versions of Kitty and Spider-Man start a relationship and she even became a transplant to Ultimate Spider-Man after they broke up, not helped by Bendis saying Peter was like him. Bendis's run on Guardians of the Galaxy also saw Kitty and Star-Lord start a relationship and even take over for Peter Quill.
  • Escapist Character: She fits the premise. She started out as the team's Naïve Newcomer, and grew up to be a badass ninja genius with a pet space dragon and Chris Pratt as her boyfriend. The fandom rejoiced, for they watched every step of this journey from Everygirl to Super-Special Heroine and wished they could be her (or "be with her").
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  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: She may very well be the most (in)famous X-Men character in this regard. Due to her status as an escapist character, she's frequently been paired up with characters in different runs. There has been quite a few writers who have admitted that Kitty was their first comic crush so it's played a factor into her love-life. note 
  • Les Yay: Her friendships with Illyana Rasputin and/or Rachel Summers could be interpreted this way.
  • Memetic Mutation: There are two (in)famous '80s panelsnote  where Kitty drops an n-bomb for the sake of making a point. This has turned into a running gag in some corners of the Internet about how Kitty is either secretly racist or just has a really filthy mouth.
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  • Squick: In Wolverine and the X-Men, she's somehow being impregnated by Brood eggs that infect her uterus. Just for the record, impregnating someone against their will? That sounds like a rape, and one cover showing them all swarming around her as she's pinned down by them does not help with that.
  • Strangled by the Red String: With Piotr. If X-Men Gold was clumsy in its attempt to bring them together, it was vicious in how it tried to keep them apart. Kitty Pryde, after apparently having enough time to think about marrying Piotr that she proposed herself, completely falls apart after a few lines from the minister of the actual ceremony celebrating how much they've overcome, panics and calls the whole thing off.
  • What Could Have Been: Mekanix was a miniseries that took place during Kitty's hiatus from the X-Men when she was attending university in Chicago, and a few issues of X-Men Unlimited chronicled her time there as well, including briefly dating a cop who looked like the dead-at-the-time Colossus. Sadly, none of this panned out into an ongoing series starring Shadowcat as Chicago's own superhero.


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