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YMMV / Kittens Game

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  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Hostile Races have a chance of not giving you any resources when you trade with them, and you still lose the resources and gold if this happens. The worst of all are Zebras, who have an initial 30% chance to hate you, and you'll need 86 trade posts and the Caravanserai upgrade for them to stop hating you (56 trade posts if you have Diplomacy). And if you want to progress the game, you'll need to obtain titanium from trading with Zebras, which means you're going to see "Zebras hate you for no reason" and the subsequent "Your kittens return empty-pawed" a lot.
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    • An earlier update gave space missions a chance to fail, wasting all your time and resources spent in it if it happened. To the joy of players, this got taken out and all missions will succeed.

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