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YMMV entries for the anime

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Like Mezzo Forte, most people know about this anime for its sex scenes.
  • Complete Monster: Akai raises orphaned girls to become his own personal assassins, preaching justice to them while really using them to wipe out criminals both to stroke his own ego or remove underworld competition for his own actions. Killing Sawa's parents, Akai uses her as little more than a weapon and sex toy, raping her as he pleases, gifts her earrings filled with her own parents blood, and notably repeats the molestation on his other girls. His crimes dwarfing even those of his fellow rapist partner-in-crime, Akai is utterly disgusting.
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  • Moral Event Horizon: If he hadn't crossed this already, Akai does when it is revealed that not only has he been raping and brainwashing Sawa since she was a young teen, but he was also responsible for the murder of her parents in the first place!
  • Narm: The English dub for some fans is a fine example of unintentional hilarity, with Sawa's voice actress pronouncing "Oburi" as "Ovary" and "Kanie" like "Kanye".


YMMV entries for the film

  • Complete Monster: "The Emir", head of a human trafficking organization, kidnaps kids to sell to wealthy clients. Having his thugs abduct the children, he has one young girl's parents murdered in front of her before taking her. After capturing Sawa, the Emir tries to torture information out of her by deep-frying her hand. When she breaks free and prepares to kill him, The Emir argues the cops he has had killed—which she believes includes her father—were "unreasonable" for not accepting his bribes.


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