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YMMV / King Of The Hill S 2 E 8 The Son That Got Away

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  • Genius Bonus: While on the surface, Hank telling Kahn about his parenting style is why his country fell to Communists can be taken as him thinking he's Chinese again, but Laos itself has been under Communist rule since 1975.
  • Heartwarming in Hindsight: The episode has a few light-hearted jabs at "Weird Al" Yankovic, with Hank incorrectly informing Bobby that he "blew his brains out in the late 80s after people stopped buying his albums" and Bobby lamenting that, like Yankovic, he's going to die lonely, friendless and alone. At the time, Yankovic was pushing 40, still a bachelor and largely seen as a relic of the past. Within the next decade, however, he'd get married, have a daughter and experience a massive Career Resurrection with "White and Nerdy." Today, he's still Happily Married and is one of the most beloved, respected and amiable comedic performers in America. Bobby is not at all wrong for looking up to him.

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