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YMMV / Killing Time

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  • Complete Monster: Tess Conway is a wealthy heiress in Matinicus Isle, Maine, who loves to spend her life having parties and using people, only to toss them aside in the end. Discovering the existence of The Water-Clock of Thoth, with which she planned to become immortal, Tess manipulates everyone around her, even her lover Duncan DeVries, to deliver this artifact to her. Laughing at Duncan's proposal to her, openly admitting to never truly loving him, causing Duncan to kill her in rage, Tess uses her final moments to unleash a curse upon the island, condemning all the people at her party to be slaughtered and then possessed by the demons, as Duncan himself is driven mad and turned into the avatar of Set. Manipulating the protagonist into gathering all her body parts together to resurrect herself, Tess gleefully kills Duncan, before trying to turn the protagonist into one of her undead slaves.