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YMMV / Kill Me Kiss Me

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  • Ho Yay: Kai sure does want Ghoon-Hahm to kiss his boots... Not to mention his obsession with hurting Jung-Woo, whom he constantly refers to as "pretty" and "the Prince". It also sounds almost as if he has this impression of Ghoon-Hahm and Jung-Woo.
    • Yeong Joon and Jin Lee are canonically gay and in a relationship.
    • In-universe example: The Pretty Boy Fanclub get Ghoon-Hahm and Jung-Woo to act like this in order to take photographs.
    • Several people mistake Ghoon-Hahm and Jung-Woo for a couple, although admittedly a few of them were likely joking.
    • Jung-Woo and Ghoon-Hahm have a lot of close moments for rivals in love. Jung-Woo even starts sleeping over at Ghoon-Hahm's house from the fourth book onwards, a fact which makes Que-Min think interesting things about the two of them.
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    • Half of the male named population of the game think Jung-Woo pretty enough to be flirt with.
    • Toyed with in regards to Kun and Ga-Woon - while Ga-Woon thinks that Tae is a boy, Kun proceeds to tease and kiss "him" knowing that he's a girl. Ga-Woon views it as this.

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