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YMMV / Kickboxing Academy

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  • Broken Base: Between those who believe that this role was offensive to siblings, and therefore the film itself is an example of Child Abuse, and those who believe that this is just an acting game and therefore the role in the legal film can not be offensive.
  • Cult Classic: In this movie, there are two famous movie stars who are brothers and sisters in Real Life. And they kiss, becoming a couple. What did you expect?
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  • Dancing Bear/Watch It for the Meme: The movie is a very forgettable B-movie, but now that people know who Chyler Leigh and Christopher Khayman Lee actually are, well... half the people who watched this movie did so because the Red Space Ranger kisses his sister, and the other half watched it because Lexie kisses her brother. Any profit the makers get from this film (there's no way it broke even initially) they really owe to the Incestuous Casting.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: First of all, because of its scandalous incestuous reputation and the fact that it injured the actors themselves.
  • Memetic Mutation: As already mentioned, the infamous incestuous casting and scenes of kissing. It so determines the reputation of the film that in many language sections of Wikipedia, this is almost the only indicated fact from the biography of Christopher.
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  • Mainstream Obscurity: This is a rare film that few people really saw, but many know it because of Memetic Mutation.


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