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YMMV / Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

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  • Demonic Spiders: The Needy Knob module. Unlike the other two Needy Modules, which simply require you to press a button or hold down a lever, this one makes you match an LED pattern in the Bomb Manual and then put the knob in the proper position... and the orientation of the knob is constantly changing to further screw with your head. It's designed to be a complete and utter time waster, so unless your disarmer has already memorized the patterns, you're better off just starting over if you get one. Even the Bomb Manual lampshades it.
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  • Follow the Leader: The Jackbox Party Pack 2 features "Bomb Corps", which is pretty much a simplified version of this game where the instructions, instead of being in a book, are instead split up across each players' mobile devices. It's actually really fun in its own unique way.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: BLING! Bomb defused!
  • That One Level: Blinkenlights, in which you have 90 seconds to disarm five Simon Says modules. Because these modules eat up a lot of time as it is, 18 seconds per module simply isn't enough time unless you've memorized the button chart. Even if you have, if you're unfortunate enough not to get any length-3 patterns, you've got an Unwinnable level on your hands no matter how good you are.
    • Ironically, this is also the easiest bomb to solo since Red/Blue and Green/Yellow are simply flipped if the serial number contains a vowel, which is very easy to memorize and thus requires absolutely no communication.
    • Double Trouble, which gives you two Needy Knobs to deal with. Having to constantly drop what you're doing to deal with them while under pressure of instant death makes this level an exercise in frustration. God help you if it gives you a Memory Module on top of it.


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