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  • Base-Breaking Character: She became one over the course of Matt Fraction's and later Jeff Lemire's Hawkeye runs. During the former, she was considered a more interesting character than Clint in some circles and an annoying distraction in others, based on her more serious demeanor compared to Clint, which increased when the two split, with a third group popping up who preferred Kate but disliked her perceived Badass Decay during this arc. Lemire's run completely broke this though, with many feeling Kate had become a Creator's Pet as she was now actively being depicted as a better archer, fighter, and person than Clint was, while others saw this as example of why she needed her own comic series and enjoyed her dynamics with America Chavez.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: She's the most popular and iconic of the Young Avengers, so it might be a surprise to learn that she was never really treated as the main character of the team during Heinburg's run. Instead, she was treated as The Team Normal and The Heart who connects everyone together, but someone going into those books expecting Kate to get more focus out of the others would be shocked to see that it was largely an ensemble storyline. In The Children's Crusade, it was Wiccan that was largely treated as the main character. In fact, she wasn't made the leader until all the way until Gillen's run. Before that, Iron Lad was the leader and when he left, it was Patriot. Since then, she's branched out as the Breakout Character of the team as a whole, with her being the one most people can easily name.
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  • Older Than They Think: Some accused Fraction of giving Kate severe Badass Decay in her later solo adventures in his series. They seemed to overlook how during the earlier issues where she worked with Clint, Kate was shown several times being overpowered or caught off-guard when by herself (much like how Clint was shown often getting in over his head when on his own), never mind that before the series started, Kate was never depicted as any more exceptional than other non-powered teen heroes.
  • My Real Daddy: Matt Fraction didn't create Kate, but he shaped her relationship with her mentor and predecessor as well as expanded on her personality so much that its had the most lasting effect, never mind how his run introduced her to people who had never previously read the Young Avengers.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: For the most part Kate's ongoing is pretty solid, but one thing many were annoyed by was how the series could have given an opportunity to crossover with the LA-local heroes like The Runaways or Robbie Reyes, which never happened (in Kate's book, at least; she and Robbie did team-up in The Unbelievable Gwenpool though). Not to mention, none of the Young Avengers got to appear either (at best, America and Kate teamed-up in America's ongoing), which given how many had been in limbo during this time (Eli Bradley and Tommy Shepherd, for instance), would have been welcomed, but instead Kate gets a new supporting cast and the only hero to drop by, besides Clint, is Jessica Jones.


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