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  • Fridge Horror: After Ayanokouji fell to serve Princess Tagitsu, it's most likely that Mirja, Yui, Hana and the girls we came to care for in Kizamishi Issen no Tomoshibi were inducted as well. After they were freed from the Aradama's control, most if not all of them might be filled with guilt for their actions especially Mirja if her time as a brainwashed slave affected her relationship with her friends.
    • Jossed and confirmed. Two of the three primary characters of Ayanokouji got converted but thankfully, Mirja didn't.
  • Funny Moments: Kaoru, to vent her frustrations, takes a picture of Sayaka and Nene close together. Knowing that this is a sign that Sayaka's breasts will grow at some point in the future (as Nene prefers hanging around girls with big breasts or the potential to have big breasts), Kaoru sends the picture to Hiyori. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Les Yay:
    • It's heavily implied Mai has feelings for Kanami. Ema takes note of this, having had those same feelings towards Kanami's mother.
    • Yukina's devotion to Yukari is rather...extreme.
    • After a rocky start, Kanami and Hiyori become very close to each other, to the point of being prepared to spend eternity in the Netherworld together.
    • Yomi appears to have developed feelings for Yukina, seeing how she goes out of her way to save Yukina's life, which leads to her own demise. Yukina, in turn, clearly has a hard time dealing with Yomi's death, going so far as to hold a funeral ceremony for her, fully prepared to follow Yomi's fate.
    • Suzuka all but admits she has a thing for Maki though Maki, who considers Suzuka to be the one person left she can rely on after Yume's death and Yomi's betrayal and is very protective of Suzuka, is so oblivious she doesn't get it. By the end she does take Suzuka's hand and says they'll get stronger together...while still confused about why Suzuka is blushing.
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  • Like You Would Really Do It: Princess Tagitsu kills and absorbs Hiyori in order to get Princess Ichikishima's power. It doesn't stick for Hiyori.
  • Off-Model: When the main cast challenges Princess Tagitsu in episode 23 and continues to pursue her into higher levels of jin'i, the overlap with Conspicuous CG and conventional animation is most jarring, with the character models and/or their armor simply floating in mid-air in some shots. While this is supposed to indicate that the speed has gotten too high for everything to accelerate at the same time, it is very glaring when both animation styles clash.
  • Tear Jerker: Although Episode 5 of Mini Toji is meant to be funny, it also shows another side of Mai that the first anime never shown. She feels very alone, clearly suffering from when Kanami left her. The thought that Sayaka is about to do the same thing scared her and is desperate to make her stay.

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