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  • Awesome Music: Her unreleased (though thankfully there's YouTube) "Cherry Baby" theme - an upbeat throwback to 50s rock and roll.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: She was unexpectedly over by 2008, and even placed second in a fan-voted Divas contest (though it's unknown if the votes were scripted). Ring the Belle - a women's wrestling YouTube channel - claims that they got so many requests from fans to interview Cherry once they got traction. The lady herself expressed surprise at that.
  • Funny Moments:
    • She agreed to the gimmick not knowing how to roller skate, and being unsure of if she would even be chosen to test it out at OVW (as she was not under contract). She found out at the last minute, had to hurry to the arena, get ready in a flash - and then literally skate across the room to reach Deuce & Domino. She describes the entire roster stopping what they were doing to watch her skate.
    • For the rehearsal of Natalya's Smackdown debut, Natalya got so Lost in Character for her slap to Cherry that she actually slapped her full force. The entire arena went silent in shock, but Vince apparently loved it.
    • Her unreleased theme song ended up being used in an episode of Black Mirror, and she describes impulsively Squeeing when she found out.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • She shared a very sweet story about the late Ashley Massaro; apparently Ashley loved her gimmick and was constantly finding accessories like jewellery for her to wear out there.
    • In an interview, twelve years after her release, she thanked her fans for everything in a very heartfelt message.
    "You guys meant so much to me; I did it for all of you. I heard every one of you when I walked out into that arena, and you really pulled me out of a place where I needed to find myself...and know that me and my character mattered."
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Diva Dirt expressed outrage at Cherry allegedly being fired for her weight gain (which Cherry herself later confirmed was not true), while they had criticised her for it in the past as well.
  • Moe: Cherry was an adorable good girl who was so innocent and endearing.
  • Signature Scene: One of the most memorable moments of Cherry's WWE run was when she slapped Maryse, and the latter oversold it like she'd been electrocuted.
  • Smurfette Breakout: She was drawing great reactions while part of Deuce & Domino, and fared slightly better after their split - getting incorporated into the women's division. Though she was released later that year, she maintains a strong online following.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: She was an experienced wrestler and valet before WWE, but her run as a wrestler in the company was crap. Even while in WWE, she managed to get over without a push, a very difficult thing to do. She even suffered the indignity of having her last match in WWE being non-wrestler Vickie Guerrero pinning her in four seconds!
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: She herself felt there was more that could have been done with Deuce & Domino before she split from them.