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  • Awesome Music:
    • Both the OP and ED themes are very catchy and energetic, courtesy of the legendary Japanese ska band, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.
      • "ALMIGHTY ~ Kamen No Yakusoku" features a catchy brass section accompanied by a energetic guitar riff and bouncy percussion, tied off by some absolutely wonderful vocals by [Alexandros]'s Yohei Kawakami.
      • "Kamen Rider Saber" is a brassy, confident tune accompanied by a fun dance that is sure to get you moving.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The show goes into Fractured Fairy Tale territory with a massively buff version of Tinkerbell. Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger already did something similar with Snow White's seven dwarves.
    • Sora's actor, Tenta Banka, had just appeared in Mashin Sentai Kiramager as Takeshi, the boy who refused to participate in Juuru's drawing class. Sora never really got into reading. So here we have a kid with a strange aversion to paper...
    • As noted in Memetic Mutation below, fans took a liking to Ryo Ogami for being an overall good father and complete aversion of the Kamen Rider Archnemesis Dad trope, a rare case after what felt like an overuse of the trope in recent years. Then comes the reveal that the traitorous Kamen Rider Calibur is Kento's father Hayato Fukamiya, who is yet another straight-out use of the trope. This actually may be intentional, with Calibur serving as a foil to Buster. Then again it's been revealed that this is no longer the case with whoever wields the power of Calibur now not being Hayato at all.
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    • After all the comparisons Kamen Rider Calibur was given to Ouja beforehand, he also turns out to have the same actor as Naoya Kaido/Snake Orphenoch. No points for guessing what animal motif Ouja had.
    • Over on Sentai, the roles have also been reversed...
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • As soon as the name was announced, the Fate/stay night jokes kicked off. Keep in mind, at that point the name of the series was the only information known. Some fans have joked about the main Rider being the first female main Rider. Not to mention one Fate spin-off showing Saber (the Servant, not the Kamen Rider) doing this. Even funnier since Saber now has a King Arthur-themed form.
    • "Kamen Rider Saber is an Isekai" Explanation 
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    • Kamen Rider Ryuki 2 Explanation 
    • "Saber is a Sentai/Seiken Sentai Saberanger" Explanation 
    • "Did Toei already waste the budget?" Explanation 
    • "He's not a normal Homo Sapien!" Explanation 
    • "They switched the songs!" Explanation 
    • "Sword of Logos doesn't have manners!" Explanation 
    • Rider DadExplanation 
    • Mei is PogchampExplanation 
    • Saber In Your HandExplanation 
    • Blades' (a blue Rider and of the Water element) King Lion Daisenki Form features twin cannons on his back, which led to fans making jokes comparing him to Blastoise.
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The jingles for matching WonderRide Books that the Seiken Swordriver plays are all super catchy.
    • The jingle for Dragonic Knight is also amazing.
    • Kamen Rider Saikou's standby jingle is a bop. Listen for yourself!
  • Older Than They Think: Some fans have expressed some confusion and shock by the fact that Yuri's Rider form as Kamen Rider Saikou is his own sword. Although his is certainly one of the more unique transformations, he's hardly the first to do this, with other Kamen Riders like Kiriya Kujo and Ryu Terui being key examples.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
  • Special Effect Failure: Due to starting production during a pandemic, it's clear that Toei would not have as much access to their usual resources, and the effects would have a noticeably lower quality around the beginning of the series.
    • At the end of the first episode there is an effect of Kamen Rider Blades entering by lion and it looks absolutely disorienting as the legs and movement looks like the actor is on a hobble horse.
    • While admittedly, it does look awesome, it's quite obvious whenever it switches from live-action to Unreal Engine.
    • Episode 2 has Saber activating his Dragon Jackun form, but during his transformation sequence the opened giant Jackun-to-Domamenoki Wonder Ride Book behind him displayed Lion Senki's right pagenote , with all the plant vines sprouting out of that page. This was fixed for the same episode's release on China's Tencent Video.
    • Early previews that feature Kamen Rider Espada's primary Wonder Ride Book has it titled as Lamp Do Alnginanote , despite the Cypher Language title underneath properly spelling it as Lamp Do Alangina. The official release of the product months later has the title adjusted and corrected as such.
    • Episode 8 raises the stakes significantly, but the fact that the prop Buster sword is seen flopping a bit in fight scenes dilutes the suspense. Same in episode 14- everyone's struggling against the Megid generals, but Gekido flopping around makes the fight that much harder to take seriously.
      • Also, Saber doing a forward roll while picking up Buster's equipment out of despair after the latter had been Taken for Granite, has him visibly struggling and failing to pick up his Wonder Ride Book in the motion, which dampens the emotional impact the scene is trying to convey.
    • Saikou's transformation in episode 16 has Yuri pulling out his sword from the belt by gripping the handle normally, before the next two cuts has him gripping the sword's handle guard, and then the last cut with him stretching out his arm has him holding the sword handle once again.
  • Tainted by the Preview: The announcement that Takuro Fukuda, the head writer for Kamen Rider Ghost (one of the most heavily disliked seasons in all of Kamen Rider), would be the head writer for Saber caused no small amount of worry and skepticism among fans. However, fans have noted that Ghost suffered from quite a bit of Executive Meddling, so they're keeping their hopes up.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome:
    • Amongst all of the CGI effects, the flames when Touma is using Rekka are extraordinarily well-done, looking just conspicuous enough to make it seem like the flames are otherworldly.
    • Rintaro coming out of the pages of a book is absolutely stunning to look at.
    • Wonder World actually looks decent for all that it's worth, looking straight out of a fantasy book.
    • The unsheathing of the SworDrivers are usually done with a Smash Cut, where users transition from pulling out the dagger-sized Seiken from the belt in the first cut to suddenly wielding a full-sized sword in the next. In episode 5 however, Saber manages to sheathe and unsheathe his full-sized Seiken from his SworDriver without the Smash Cut or any special effects, instead achieved through having his left hand hide the rest of the blade protruding out of the other end of the SworDriver while from the front it looked as though he was just holding onto his belt for the action.
  • Woolseyism: Some of Saber's naming conventions and puns don't translate well into English, so some fansubs substitute those names for these. Expect to see both versions used by editors.
    • [Sword name], battounote ! = Unsheath the [translated sword name]!
    • Sword names:
      • Greatsword of Earth, Gekido = Sword of Tremors
      • Twin Sword of Wind, Hayate = Sword of Zephyrs
      • Gun-Sword of Sound, Suzune = Sword of Echoesnote 
      • Sword of Darkness, Kurayami = Sword of Shadows
    • Hissatsu Dokuhanote  = Final Page
    • Shuutoku Issennote  = Flash Learning
    • Soukannote  = Issue the Issue
    • Ittou Ryodan! Buttagire!note  = Fracture the Enemy! Divide the land!
    • (Kaishin no) Gekido Randoku Geki!note  = (Intense) Gekido Sporadic Strike!note 
    • Sokudoku Gekinote  = Skimming Strike
    • Ondoku Gekinote  = Recital Strike


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