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YMMV / Kamen Rider Climax Heroes

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  • Unexpected Character: The final character to be unlocked in Climax Heroes OOO is Kamen Rider Double... CycloneAccelXtreme. A form that up to this point only officially existed as a five second Imagine Spot.
    • In Climax Heroes Fourze, Showa Riders got added! Up until then, the series was only about Heisei Riders.
    • Fourze also has OOO's Purple Eyed TaToBa Combo, in place of CycloneAccelXtreme. Much like CAX, this only appeared for about five seconds.
    • Super Climax Heroes has Fourze Meteor Fusion States, a unique movie-exclusive form resulting from the fusion between Fourze Cosmic States and Meteor Storm. He has moves from both characters, using the Barizun Sword along with Good Old Fisticuffs and Kiais. His Finishing Move is the same as Cosmic Fourze's, but doesn't transport the opponent into space.
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    • Climax Fighters has one too, in a sea of Heisei Riders in the game, there's one who stick out- Kamen Rider BLACK!

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