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YMMV / Kaiten Mutenmaru

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  • Fridge Brilliance: Kid survives purifying himself of the Abominable Crystal even though he's born from and feeds on it. Even without Mutenmaru's explanation that having a heart makes it possible, this can make sense considering it's never mentioned in the webcomic that the Abominable Crystal makes up his entire body.
  • Fridge Horror:
    • Sick forms an Abominable Crystal out of the black mist at the ending of Sea of the Beginning. Ancient Land reveals that the same thing happened in his transformation, where part of the black mist emerged from the bodies of the rebels. This adds a new light to their cruelty as the Abominable Crystal can slowly corrupt the infected (e.g. Crocell).
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    • Sick used to be a normal child, but when his butler caught him on a date with Anne, he tried to hide their relationship by beating her and yelling at her to return home as a commoner. Given the implication that he was kept ignorant about the tyranny of his neglectful parents over the town of Throne, it makes one wonder how he grasped the way aristocrats treated commoners with disdain.

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