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  • Awesome Music: Burokrat, the main title theme.
  • Complete Monster: Verto lures women into his apartment under the pretense of giving them roles as actresses in his movies. He and his gang then rape, torture, and kill the women. Verto and his gang than make snuff films out of it and sell them to other criminals. He blackmailed a man into helping him dispose of the bodies by raping his daughter and threatening to release photos of it. Verto also intends to torture and kill Rukov after he and his gang find out that he is on to them.
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  • That One Puzzle: A certain puzzle very early on in Chapter 2 is infamous for being one of the hardest puzzles ever to appear in an adventure game. It involves cryptography.
  • Tear Jerker: Sytenko's horrible story. The game itself lampshades this:
    "You leave Sytenko, a broken man to contemplate ruins of his existence."

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