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  • Complete Monster: David Kim, aka Mr. Gold, the owner of a fast food chain and the son of a disgraced businessman, is behind most of the B.R.A.I. attacks in Neo Xianglong. Driven by resentment of his father bowing down to the mayor of Neo Xianglong, Cecil Sue, and her clan, Mr. Gold dedicated himself to destroy anything Cecil had protected by sending B.R.A.I. to destroy her city while aligning himself with the Black Market and an opposition group of the mayor. His worst act is when he attempts to boil the population in Neo Xianglong to death by heating the water supply of Neo Xianglong. He also controlled the Centipede B.R.A.I. as a last resort to destroy Cecil's city out of spite by desecrating his own family graves, and when Cecil tries to stop him, Mr. Gold then tries to make her watch as her city is destroyed in front of her.
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  • Evil Is Sexy: For the Female fans, it's Sieg courtesy of both Yuichi Nakamura and Todd Haberkorn's vocal performance. For the Male fans, it's Emilia, or more specifically, the AI with Emilia's personality.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Sieg's DJ-esque attire in a nutshell.
  • Ham and Cheese: Nobuyuki Hiyama and Keith Silverstein chews the scenery as Mr Gold when he attacks Neo Xianglong. After he died in Episode 15, Yuichi Nakamura and Todd Haberkorn fills the void as Sieg, especially when he spills the beans about his origins as Long Wu's collective selves and in the Finale.
  • Narm Charm: considering its creator, it's expected to have these moments:
    • When a Hyperdive user overuses its usage, they crave for the thing they love the most. For Leon, it's spicy food, most preferably Mahua; For Quinny, it's sweet food; and for Doug, it's the cute things, most preferably cats.
    • In the finale, after almost being assimilated by the B.R.A.I., Leon and Chloe recited their Contract. followed by the rest of the cast, especially Cecil and Fiona. and oh, a M.O.E.V. doing a pinky swear. nuff said.
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    • How to defeat Mr. Gold? Leon, Quinny, and Doug hold their mechs together, creating a hyperblast to destroy Mr. Gold's mech, killing him once and for all.
    • Sieg's hammy speeches about the evolution of man and his Motive Rant, courtesy of both Yuichi Nakamura and Todd Haberkorn's vocal performances.
  • Win Back the Crowd: After receiving backlash from adding Idols, an obvious resolution to the love triangle between Hayate, Freyja, and Mirage, and the Executive Meddling in the second half of Macross Delta and Aquarion Logos seemingly killed the Aquarion franchise, Shoji Kawamori's latest anime earned better reviews from anime fans and reviewers for its decent plot, memorable characters and their development, and with Netflix's backing, it's acidtripped, but gorgeous animation.

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