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  • Awesome Art: Kind of redundant for Alex Ross, but for the sake of completion...
    • So much so that the trade paperback gives Ross' name top billing and all of the review quotes on the cover refer to his artwork.
  • Complete Monster: Brainiac, the ultimate mastermind behind the Legion of Doom and the architect of most of the disasters in the story, is an advanced android created by the Computer Tyrants of Colu. When the Computer Tyrants were destroyed by the people they had oppressed, Brainiac decides to create his own version of Colu on Earth, by killing most of humanity and turning the rest into copies of himself. To do this, Brainiac meets with Captain Marvel villain Doctor Sivana, who has been developing tiny robot worms that control the minds of others. Brainiac takes his research and uses it to drive Doctor Sivana insane. Brainiac forms his own Legion of Doom, mind-controlling most of the members, except for Lex Luthor who has a force field that protects him from Brainiac's devices. Brainiac has Black Manta kidnap Aquaman, with Brainiac wanting to learn more about his telepathy by cutting open his brain. Brainiac has the various Legion of Doom members pretend to have turned good and wanting to help humanity, with several of them creating cities for the sick and needy, that will provided technology that will cure their illnesses and provided them with a good standard of life. Brainiac's micro worms have also let him take control of Earth's nuclear stockpile, with Brainiac planning to nuke most of the world to destroy humanity. When the Justice League reveal to Luthor that Brainiac has betrayed him, Luthor sabotages his plans and forces him to retreat to his ship. Brainiac, unhappy about losing, decides to set off the nukes anyway and destroy humanity.
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  • Crazy Awesome: A talking psychic gorilla wearing a Green Lantern Ring on his foot? YES!!
  • Harsher in Hindsight: From Batman's private files on the Flash, he said Barry is "the kind of man [he] would have hoped to become had [his] parents not been murdered before [his] eyes". Sadly it's now no longer true after Reverse-Flash traveled back in time to kill Barry's mother and his father, framed for her murder, died in prison.
  • Narm: While Aquaman's turn to Papa Wolf can be classified as badass, one can't help but have flashbacks to Mel Gibson in Ransom when he's searching for Brainiac.
  • Uncanny Valley: As with all of Ross' works. In this case, enhanced by the fact that he painted over Doug Braithwaite's pencils, so this trope is a result of the combination of their different styles.
  • What an Idiot!: The Riddler flees into the worst possible nightclub.
    Batman: (thinking) The Riddler should have known better than to try to escape through a place called The Batcave.
    • That is until Riddler uses one of Toyman's gadgets to escape quickly.

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