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YMMV / JumpStart Adventures 5th Grade: Jo Hammet, Kid Detective

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  • Genius Bonus: The exposition fairy in this game is a talking rat named B.F. Skinny who passes crossword notes to Jo. It leads to this exchange that's funny to those that know his namesake.
    Jo: Where did you get this note?
    B.F.: Note? What note? What's with the third degree, huh? What are you, some type of shrink?
    Jo: I didn't know rats went to psychiatrists.
    B.F.: Oh yes. We rats are firm believers in positive reinforcement. *begging* Can I have a cookie, please?
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  • Girl-Show Ghetto: Averted! This game has a female protagonist, and is aimed at fifth-graders in general. Of course, she's a tomboy, and the game's storyline is not at all "girly."
  • Most Wonderful Sound: The various short jazz tunes that play when you successfully solve one of the puzzles.
  • That One Level: Seriously, has anyone ever solved the crossword puzzle without resorting to brute-forcing it?
    • While the game is indeed about making you learn, the reason for the crossword puzzle being a good example of this trope is because the clues you need can sometimes be hidden. Combine this with Pixel Hunt. Certain paintings are tucked away in corners and aren't fully visible, making it easy for you to miss it.
    • The lockpicking activity is this simply due to the fact that it forces you to do long division, and show your work while you're at it - meaning you can't simply brute force it with a calculator. It's just time consuming.
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    • Depending on your love/hate for Towers of Hanoi puzzles, the crate stacking minigame can become this, especially on higher difficulty levels where more boxes are added.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Jo, between her being a tomboy and the game's stylized art style. Her voice is no help either because it just sounds prepubescent, and her long hair looks a little like a mullet. Aside from the fact that other characters refer to her with female pronouns, the only real clue that she's a girl is her hair band. In her subsequent Jump Start appearances, this trope is averted, as she's given a Girliness Upgrade.


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