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YMMV / Judd Winick

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  • Anvilicious: Winick found critical success with Pedro And Me - an autobiographical comic that told the story of how he and his Real World co-star (the late HIV-positive gay-rights activist Pedro Zamora) became best friends. Since then, Winick has gone on to introduce gay and/or HIV Positive characters into most of the comics he writes, usually in Very Special Issues.
  • My Real Daddy: Although Jason "the dead Robin" Todd was created by Gerry Conway, Judd Winick set his status quo as the Red Hood and defined his character for the new millennium.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: It is generally agreed that despite his screw-ups, Winick's writing has been improving over the years, in such places as the Batman books and Justice League: Generation Lost.
    • Also, many didn't particularly care for his "Under the Hood" story in the comics, but the film Under the Red Hood which adapted the story and changed some of the sillier elements won many over to the story as well as to Jason Todd, who before then had been more of a Scrappy.


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