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Online matching...four person play.

Final Tune. Ready...GO.

  • Author's Saving Throw: For ten years, the series stuck with a 1-10 rating scale but over time ended up with a large number of level 10 charts with a wide range of skill represented in that level alone, and the problem came to a head with "Megalara Garuda" in qubell, which is rated level 10 on all three difficulties. festo finally addresses this longstanding complaint by adding decimal ratings to charts level 9 and above.
  • Broken Base:
    • jubeat saucer. Was the "song swap" system good for discouraging Complacent Gaming Syndrome, or was it an unnecessary element that removed songs and put them back with no good reason?
    • Does Beat Square mean bad news for the jubeat series, or is that just a case of Slippery Slope Fallacy considering mainline jubeat games are still in service? This argument seems to be dead, as the next version, jubeat clan, was released without any major issue, aside from still being Asia-only.
  • Even Better Sequel: Despite its monthly removal of songs, jubeat saucer proved to be quite popular due to the constant addition of new songs. By the end of saucer's life, it had over 500 songs, or 2.5 times as many songs as jubeat copious has.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": jukebeats's 27th KONAMI DLC pack has the song "Amalgamation", what's notable is that the song in question is a boss from Dance Dance Revolution X3, which until that particular installment, averted No Export for You.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • The Miley Cyrus pack seems to get quite a bit of this.
    • Beat Square, the spinoff with gambling elements, got quite a bit of heat from Western fans (Westerners in general have a seething hatred for anything gambling-related Konami does) for a few days.
    • On the launch of clan, a large number of charts were re-rated. Particular interest was on the re-rating of a number of level 10 charts to level 9. While most of the level 10 charts demoted in this manner were indeed on the low end of level 10 difficulty and deserving of demotion, there were quite a number of questionable demotions (and non-demotions) that left the community up in arms. Of particular note was the demotion of the Extreme chart of "neu", which packs complex and erratic 200 BPM 16th note sequences that have no place at level 9. Eventually, most of these questionable demotions were reversed in festo, with these charts re-rated as lower-end level 10s.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • jubeat saucer was infamous for its "song swap" system; every month, some songs were cut out while other songs are introduced or revived. The idea was to thwart Complacent Gaming Syndrome by forcing people to play different songs rather than the same ones over and over, but the mechanic still made some players unhappy. However, as of February 1, 2014, almost all previously-removed songsnote  have been revived, and song swap was NOT added back to jubeat saucer fulfill.
    • After selecting a song on an online-enabled machine, you must wait 30 seconds for other players to join in. If you just wanna play by yourself, this can be a hassle. However, the December 2016 patch for Qubell creates an "expert option" to skip online matching.
    • The rating scale over time has become less and less useful, due to the wide range of challenge present amongst level 10 charts.note  The fact that two songs have level 10 charts on Advanced and one song, "Megalara Garuda", has level 10 charts on Advanced and BASIC, shows that the rating scale is effectively obsolete amongst top-end players.

      clan attempted to fix the problem by demoting a number of level 10 charts to level 9, but all this ended up doing was creating many cases of That One Level since a player who is just starting to clear level 9 charts may pick one of the newly-rated 9's only to get completely destroyed by them. It makes one wonder if the development team is trying to do everything to fix this issue except just expand the rating scale like many other BEMANI games have done with theirs at some point.note 

      After years of this issue, jubeat festo finally looks to fix this problem by having difficulty ratings from level 9 onwards have decimal points.
    • As the service for BeatStream, another Bemani music game, was about to be terminated, Konami started crossing two BeatStream songs to Jubeat every week, continuing to do so even after the BeatStream service was terminated. The problem: BeatStream was never released outside Japan. One of the songs every week requires you to have played BeatStream once. The other requires you to have unlocked that song in BeatStream. The only other way to unlock these songs is local matching or Matching Select - unlike songs from earlier versions, not even digging Garnet cubes let you unlock these songs. This problem was partially alleviated in clan onwards, since these songs are also available in the old song shop, but it might take some unlocking of songs before the songs you are looking for show up.
    • The buttons are notable for being unreliable if they are not regularly maintained, leading to the problem of specific button switchesnote  failing to trigger or a button press triggering adjacent buttons, potentially costing the player their score and combo.
  • Surprise Difficulty: Do not let your guard down when playing cutesy songs such as Daydream Cafe or Tomadoi Recipe. You can fail the song as a result.
  • That One Attack:
    • Riot of Color EXT ends with a brutal run of 24th notes that requires superhuman note-reading ability and hand speed to do. And because it comes at the end, it can be a real score killer, since it can take a good chunk out of your possible 100,000 bonus points with very few notes afterwards to get them back.
    • SigSig EXT seems pretty average in difficulty for a level 9 chart. Near the end, the chart seems like it's winding down for the ending... then the player is faced with 10 seconds of continuous 16th notes. At least the pattern loops.
    • Condor, the mini-boss of the Nettou! BEMANI Stadium event packs a nasty twist on this in its EXT chart - much of the chart's notes are composed of a nasty, hard to read, looping pattern. If you cannot figure out the pattern, you will have trouble passing the chart.
  • That One Level:
    • "STELLAR WIND" on Extreme. It's the Advanced chart rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise and with one less note. So why is it rated a 10, while the Advanced chart is rated a 9? The answer: The Advanced chart, for most of the song, divides the playfield into two halves: The left half just consists of quarter-beat notes that follow the kick, while the right half has notes that follow the melody of the song. The idea is to play the kick notes with your left hand and the other notes with your right. By turning the chart 90 degrees for Extreme difficulty, this dramatically changes how you have to play: either with one hand on the bottom for the kicks and the other hand on top, or trying to treat both halves as one and getting lost trying to remind yourself of the chart's "split" nature. Of course, you could "cheat" and play standing on the right side of the cab (arcade version) or turn your device 90 degrees clockwise (consumer versions), but that defeats the purpose of the gimmick.
    • Sandstorm on Extreme. Yes, that Sandstorm of memetic fame. Its Extreme chart is supposedly a level 8, but most of the chart actually involves a large number of fast criss-crossing 16th patterns (following the du-du-du sounds in the song), which are a major pain to hit and have no place being in a level 8!
    • Sumidagawa karenka on Extreme. An infamous level 9 chart known for its difficulty to clear, packing very technical patterns. At the start, the player has to hit 16th triplets in which the first and last notes are on the top and bottom rows, requiring a very fast handswitch. Later, there is a pattern that will twist up the player's arms unless a very fast handswitch is executed. When the chorus hits, the player is faced with "The Rapids", a fast-moving diagonal pattern of notes that is not easy to hit. This particular pattern repeats eight times throughout the song!
    • 凛として咲く花の如く ~ひなビタ♪edition~ on Extreme. Another killer of new players, this brutal chart packs a whopping 932 notes, more than a large number of level 10 charts, in tough patterns that infringe into level 10 territory. Made worse in prop, where clearing the Step 29 Unlock Challenge required clearing this very chart!
    • Megalara Garuda, simply because it's rated level 10. Not just on Extreme, not just also on Advanced, but also on Basic. Even the hardest of other Basic charts only top out at level 7!
    • Prior to jubeat clannote , Night of Nights, for people repeatedly playing Matching Select and seeking to unlock more level 9 and 10 songs via Song Conduction. Being one of the most famous Touhou Project remixes and a default song, beginners are likely to pick it, and you're very likely to match into their session and be forced to play the song. The problem is that Night of Nights is one of the most brutal default licenses, with a stamina-draining level 10 chart packing 928 notes, on the higher end for a level 10. Not only do you get no new song, you've burnt your stamina, and there's a high chance that you'll still encounter it the next time you choose Matching Select!
  • That One Sidequest:
    • In jubeat copious, unlocking "[E]" required getting an EXCELLENT on a level 10 chart.
    • Even worse, "Red Goose" in the same game required that you and three other players in the same match get an EXCELLENT on a level 10 chart. In other words, you could fail to unlock "Red Goose" because of a mistake that is entirely not your fault.
    • In Qubell, unlocking "Megalara Garuda", the final boss of the Dig Rush event, marked a return to levels of challenge not seen since earlier games. To clear the special Risky Unlock Challenge needed to unlock this song, one had to score at least 980,000 points out of 1,000,000 on the EXT charts of "time granular" (a tricky level 9), "ススススペースハリネズミ" (a level 10 miniboss with a nasty "hand-lock" hold note sequence) and any chart of "Megalara Garuda"... except that all of its charts are level 10, boss-grade charts! Oh, and did I mention that all songs are on Hard Mode, which means that the Perfect timing window is halved?note 

Result: FAILED.



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