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YMMV / Journey to the West (2011)

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  • Anti-Villain: Again, the three Rhino Demons, who actually tried to help the humans that live close to them by providing despite posing as Buddhist Deities to steal their lantern oil , and wanted to achieve enlightenment the hard way. Then Wukong came...........
    • The Azure Lion Taoist that was masquerading as the king of Crow-Chicken kingdom. Yeah he imprisioned the King's body underwater and took his form for three years, but the former king corrupt and was not of Buddist faith............and was a far more compentant ruler than the king he replaced.
    • The Wood Wolf of Kui, especially considering his backstory, as well as his relationship with the Hundred Flowers Princess of the Kingdom of Elephantia.
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  • Broken Base: The new version of Journey to the West is easily one of the most divisive and polarizing works in Chinese TV. With opinions varying on it being one of the best and in-depth adaptations, possibly on par with or even better than the 1986 classic, or a overblown, muddled and bombastic mess that focused too much on CGI and special effects over characterization and writing, as well as tried to cram too much into a 60-episode series. However, given the fact that much of the backlash arguably came from the popularity of the 1986 series for 25 years, a degree of the backlash can be traced back to Nostalgia Filter.
  • Ho Yay: According to netizens, this adaptation had so much ho yay, most notably between Wukong and Erlang Shen, and Wukong and Tang Sanzang, that it earned itself the nickname "Ji You Ji" (roughly translated as "Slashing to the West").

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