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  • Ear Worm: That big band theme is as catchy today as it was in 1964.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Jade, who only appears in two episodes, became very popular precisely because of how little we knew about her. She also offers a tantalizing glimpse at Race's past.
    • Doctor Zin seems to border on Breakout Villain at times, having popped up in Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated and become a recurring character on The Venture Bros., which points pretty much to him being this.
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  • Ethnic Scrappy: Charlie, the Chinese cook in "The Sea Haunt", comes uncomfortably close.
  • Fair for Its Day: Nearly all the characters from more "exotic" countries - including villains - are little more than ethnic stereotypes of varying degrees by today's standards. This includes one of the main characters, Hadji (though, despite this, Hadji was treated as an equal by Johnny, Race Bannon, and Dr. Quest). This leads to Unfortunate Implications in the case of some of the Asian villains, who clearly show shades of Yellow Peril in their characterization. That said, many of them are presented as capable and intelligent. Many episodes' plots are driven by them being colleagues or old friends of Dr. Quest, whom does take note to respect their achievements and culture.
    • Speaking specifically of Dr. Zin, he is very much one of the trope codifiers for the Yellow Peril Asian mastermind but at the same time avoided some of trappings. He does not have the stock droopy moustache, talon-like fingernails, a stereotyped accent or a fashion sense 100 years out of date but could be just as capable villain as Fu Manchu himself. Regrettably, Jonny Quest vs. the Cyber-Insects went ahead and gave him a weird robe and a droopy mustache after all — but fortunately, that film remains the exception, and he's usually depicted as he was in the original series. In other later productions Zin still maintains these elements but also is allowed to be a bit more funny than he was in the original series.
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    • Even still in 2015 his appearance in Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest is very similar to how he was depicted later. He's able to be a little more silly but has no problem plotting to cause some major damage. Strangely enough he gets to order around Tin, Pan and Alley, who while established over several years of Tom and Jerry movies happen to be Siamese cats. Interestingly, Future Quest has revealed that he has a Western-style first name: he is Dr. Archimedes Zin, and he and Benton were friends before Zin turned to crime. That being said despite Zin's ties to the Yellow Peril trope his home company has not much problem using him today something other companies are wont to do.
  • First Installment Wins: The remakes and sequel series are generally not as favored as this original series.
  • Memetic Mutation: Mike Pence is Race Bannon note 
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  • Narm: One episode features an Indian chief who is very obviously voiced by the same actor as Race, to the point that it's genuinely surprising it never turns out he's Race in disguise.
  • Shipping: Jonny Quest's boys own adventure feel has often made it subject to Ho Yay shipping.
    • Some have wondered if Dr. Quest and Race have a relationship or if it's really just all business. As Race did have a hetero love interest in Jezebel Jade and Dr. Quest had a wife who at first is only known to have been murdered.
    • Jonny and Hadji was tossed around at times as well due to their similar close relationship but of course there isn't much to go on beyond what can be considered subtext.
    • There's also Jonny's first red-head girl. Denise Lor, the Damsel in Distress in "The Dreadful Doll". At the end of the episode her attempt to kiss Jonny and Hadji ends with them running away from her. So there's that. And also this sometimes leads to obscure shippers to let Denise pair up with the similar red-head from The New Adventures of Jonny Quest Jessie Bradshaw.


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