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YMMV / Jonathan Hickman's X-Men

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  • Just Here for Godzilla: Non X-Men fans are here for the run just to see what Hickman will do with it, having won a lot of love and esteem for his major run on the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, with some noting that he stands to become one of very few writers to do a defining run on all three of Marvel's major teams.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Bill the Lobster is an extremely obscure Team Pet who made his last appearance all the way back in Civil War. The fact that he's returning here and is featured in the promotional poster is a huge surprise.
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    • By a similar token, Sikorsky, an Insectoid Alien, also appears. He's also the only representative of the Starjammers on the poster.
    • Master Mold and Nimrod appearing is also quite a surprise, as they aren't widespread villains.
    • Judging by the preview posts, Vulcan is returning. And (assuming the preview is an indication) it's the younger, non-crazy Vulcan from before he became Emperor of the Shi'ar.
    • Marvel's push of Firestar as an X-Man began an ended in one series, Amazing X-Men. Many figured they wouldn't try again, but there she is on the group shot.
  • Win Back the Crowd:
    • Making X-Men a core pillar of Marvel after years of shafting due to film rights was widely praised, as is having acclaimed writer Jonathan Hickman be the one behind it. The promise that it'll reinvent the X-Men, much like Giant-Sized X-Men and New X-Men before it, with Hickman being given as much control as Chris Claremont, also drew a lot of interest.
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    • Many, many people thought Hickman was going to be the sole Uncanny X-Men writer when the series relaunched in 2018, and were disappointed when it launched and, not only was he not involved, but the series became a Dork Age. But less than a year after its launch, Uncanny X-Men (2018) was cancelled and Hickman would end up as sole X-writer. Furthermore, after the conclusion of House of X and Powers of X, Hickman will be the writer of the main X-ongoing.


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