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For the comic strip

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In one comic discussing the upcoming presidential election, Garfield wonders "Where's Morris the Cat when you need him?" Morris would indeed launch a "presidential bid" in 1988 as a 9 Lives cat food promotion.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • A strange amount of the surviving strips involve ethnic humor.
      • Lyman jokingly refers to Jon as "massuh" in his first appearance.
      • Garfield refers to his lack of self control when it comes to eating things as an "ethnic weakness".
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    • Jon and Lyman are implied to be fraternity brothers in this continuity, and it shows; Jon's forceful pursuit of an unnamed blonde girl who's legitimately afraid of him would probably be considered sexual harassment today, and when that's paired with his contemptuous treatment of the homely Irma, he seems downright misogynistic. By the time of Garfield, Liz has become much more acerbic (the end result of a process that began in this strip), and Irma's appearance is treated as less of a punchline in and of itself, so Jon starts to look more and more like the awkward geek fans know and love.