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YMMV / JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User

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  • Anticlimax Boss:
    • Captain Tenille. His Stand seems challenging enough... until you learn it only has 300 HP, and if you leveled Jotaro up enough at the harbor (or successfully beat Dark Blue Moon within three turns for a sneak attack) the only thing you need to worry about is the ten turn limit. And there's even a way to bypass that.
    • Cameo also, because his Stand has even less HP than Captain Tenille. It respawns infinitely until you find Cameo, yes, but it goes down in about 2 or 3 hits so it's really just a speed bump if anything. This is averted in the Boss Rush, where it is actually a somewhat challenging fight.
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    • Bosses like DIO, Shadow DIO, Vins and Wammu can be cakewalks if you know Hamon skills or have Joseph as your partner.
  • Breather Boss: Of all characters, Vanilla Ice becomes this on the route to the Golden Ending. His fight comes right after D'arby, who constantly has an accuracy-lowering status on the party and uses an attack strong enough to kill Alicia in one hit, and right before Dio himself, who hits harder than any enemy you've fought up to that point, can attack the whole party at once for high damage, and abuses The World to get about two to four attacks every turn. Vanilla Ice can use One-Hit Kill attacks, but his normal attacks don't hit nearly as hard, and he has an exploitable weakness to Berserk that can lock him into those normal attacks and nothing else.
  • Complete Monster: DIO proves to be just as vile as his canon counterpart. After murdering and stealing the body of his adoptive brother Jonathan, DIO murders and drains the blood of countless innocents to heal himself. When DIO senses the presence of the Joestars, he infects Kakyoin and Polnareff with flesh buds to mind control them into being his minions, knowing that these flesh buds will eventually kill them. When the heroes attempt to take a plane to Egypt, DIO has Grey Fly bring down the passenger plane they're on. It's also revealed that he had another one of his men stationed in Japan to destroy any plane the heroes would return in even if they abandon their quest. When his loyal right-hand woman Enya Geil is captured by the party, he hires Steely Dan to murder her to ensure that she doesn't divulge his powers. If the Player Character decides to watch over Kakyoin in the hospital after he gets injured by N'Doul, DIO will send Oingo and Boingo to set off explosives in the hospital. When pursuing Jotaro and company, DIO abducts Senator Phillips, forces him to drive at lethal speeds through pedestrians, and then kills him when he's caught up with the heroes. In the Betrayal Ending, if the protagonist has enough friendship points with Kakyoin and Polnareff, DIO and the protagonist will manipulate them into betraying and killing the Joestars.
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  • Creepy Cute: The more you look at Miracles, the more they look like a dopier, sillier version of Hierophant Green.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • At the endgame's Developer's Room, you're able to meet and talk to Caesar from Battle Tendency, who at first hints at his presence in the game but then brings up the subject of his siblings and talks about one of them having travelled to Japan and established a family there, commenting on the entwined fate of the Joestars and Zeppelis in fighting vampires together. This is a hinting nod to a popular fan theory that Kakyoin is a descendant from the Zeppelis, given his role and ultimate fate in the story.
    • On a similar note, when playing through the unlockable Josuke campaign, while in Japan, you can come across a mother and her ill young son, saving them from a snowy road. This is undoubtedly a reference to another fan theory that the anonymous pomp-haired student who saved Josuke in his youth, leading him to mold his life and demeanor on his image, actually was Josuke, somehow sent back in time, and (unconfirmed) rumors that Araki had planned for this to be the case.
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  • Evil Is Cool: Very much so with many of the villains.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Star Platinum: The World. Sure, you're required to have 5 Badges of Honor upon reaching the Developer's Room (which isn't mentioning the Badges of Honor you'd need to start New Game+, at least at first) in order to unlock it, but once you do, Jotaro becomes a borderline Game Breaker instantly. He gains access to Time Stop, costing 200 SP but stopping damn near EVERYONE in the entire game for roughly 2-3 turns, allowing Jotaro free reign to act freely in that span of time. Normally, this wouldn't be so game breaking... Except for something the game never tells you; once you unlock Star Platinum: The World, Jotaro will strike TWICE when you use the normal Attack command, each hit having a chance to Critically Strike, as well as gain an increased chance of landing a Critical. So there's nothing preventing you from using Time Stop(chugging SP-restoring items when necessary) and simply using the normal Attack over and over, whittling enemies down with Criticals.
    • Quicksilver's aptly called Wave Motion Gun. On one hand, it's the last attack the Stand can learn by leveling up (at level 45, to be precise) and it has a 100 SP cost for each use. On the other, acquiring it grants you one of the most devastating attacks in the whole game: Capable of hitting at any given range (even ?-range), devastating defense-piercing damage PLUS a plethora of detrimental statuses (Blindness, Melt and Blowback to name a few), with no drawbacks. Even its 100 SP cost can be easily dealt with as Quicksilver has an SP recharging attack and the ability to convert Scrap Metal into SP, disregarding of course the use of Overdrive SY's. It can easily turn most fights into a Curb-Stomp Battle.
    • Red Garland Requiem has the ability to reduce the stats of the enemy it hits, which may be the only way for you to be able to do so. This can make fights less grueling due to making the enemy more susceptible to attacks; taking less damage, etc. The best part of this move is that it lacks an ideal range, reduces enemy SP, and can be used on Stand opponents, unlike the nuclear warhead item.
    • Miracles is an overwhelmingly weak stand, but it has one power that makes it invaluable in boss fights, especially harder ones. The "....." Skill it can gain inflicts no less than three statuses at once on ALL enemies: "No Senses", "Distract" and "Can't Find". As the statuses sound, they each lower the enemies accuracy. But they're all thrown at enemies at once with this skill, making it highly probable that your enemies will never hit you. Even if they resist one of the statuses, there's nothing keeping you from using this ability multiple times to ensure all of them hit. With this skill, you barely need to even worry about your defense with Miracles, because you can just dodge everything thrown at you! The best part is that it's gotten at level 25 and costs a measly 30 SP. The fact that Miracles has one of the highest SP stats make this barely a cost to what it can do!
    • In general, any stand whose focus is on Long-range attacks (especially Ocean Blue and Mr. Big). For whatever reason, L range moves are nowhere near as penalized when used in M and S range than S range moves are when used in M and L. As a result, having an L stand is essentially one that is good at any range.
  • Goddamned Boss:
    • Any boss that has the ability to change their range to ?, like Forever, High Priestess, and Chaka. While at this range, they are pretty much invincible, and will often "rest out of sight" to regain HP. The fight just kinda comes to a standstill until the AI decides to come back in range.
    • Notable is Tower of Grey when fought as the first part of the boss rush. Normally, he can be taken down pretty much instantly if you bring a good close-range fighter like Jotaro, but god help you if he decides to enter range ? for a good part of the fight. He's usually content to spam his insta-kill moves while you're completely unable to do anything about it, so it's basically a fight of praying to RNG until he comes back into range.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • Any ending focused on a crusader that originally died in the story. Bonus points if said crusader is your favorite.
    • While we're at it, Kakyoin's ending, particularly this line:
    Kakyoin: "I can't wait to tell mother and father... that I made friends."
    • The Ship Tease between the Female Protagonist and some of the companions can be quite adorable.
    • If the protagonist has the sickly trait and collapses while having one of the crusaders in the party, he will carry you back to the hotel room, stay by your side until you wake up, and allow you to rest for the day.
    • The Succession Ending, everyone lives and returns to their normal lives after the ordeal is over. After the credits, the game shows the crusaders, plus the protagonist, in a group photo; which becomes the protagonist's computer wallpaper in the next playthrough.
      • The full name of this ending also qualifies as such a moment on its own:
    "Ode To Humanity"
  • Infinity +1 Sword:
    • The Sword of St. George. Requires a Guide Dang It! to get, and by the time you do, it's a Bragging Rights Reward.
    • There's also the Ultimate Debugger from beating True Clayman, and the Deus Ex Machina equipment from giving Clayman's husband 99 Badges of Honor in the Developer Room. (Not the debug room, the one with the banquet and multiple vending machines after you beat the game properly.)
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • J. Geil crosses it when he seemingly kills Abdul/the protagonist, and then reveals he crossed it years ago when he raped and killed Polnareff's sister. And then there's the scene with the beggars...
    • Vins somehow manages to cross it several times. She does it once when she kills DJ Inc and Raul, leaving Alice without anyone to care for her. She does it again when she kills Berlin and Alicia in the first Everybody Lives ending. She does it a third time by killing the protagonist in advance in Josuke's playthrough, which leads Alicia, Berlin and Steel to use the corpse, their powers and a disc containing Crazy Diamond to make a clone of Josuke and a fourth time in Josuke's playthrough, where if you get the bad ending by reading Path to Heaven, she'll lure him away to where she has Alicia and Berlin held captive then eaten alive by her zombies, gloating about how he's just made up of the dead Seventh Stand User, copied memories and soul and not even an actual person as he unravels from existence in despair.
    • The Protagonist can cross this just by siding with DIO. Then they cross it again each time they kill one of their allies or make one of them join DIO as well.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The scene where Vins is revealed to be a vampire by killing DJ Inc and Raul.
    • The Arabian Mansion. Not only are you chased by an indestructible boulder that will kill you if you so much as touch it, but the mansion's owner (who was unsympathetic before he gained his Stand) discovered he had a Stand and went utterly insane, plotting to have a party at his mansion involving killing the people he'd invited. And Vins was behind that too.
    • Sanctuary. There's no music, and the place is full of the ghosts of the dead.
      • ZZ's ghost mentions that no one helped him because they thought he was really training, causing his death.
    • The hidden area known as the Dream World, accessible after dying to Vins in the final battle after a 3rd playthrough, seems normal enough, but slowly becomes something out of a Creepypasta, complete with a reference to an infamous urban legend about the original Shin Megami Tensei.
    • The credits for the Dark Side Ending. The music stops right after the battle and never comes back, the silence only broken when the credits show up... By the sound of babies crying, men and women screaming, the 7th Stand User's evil laughter and the blowing wind of a wasteland presumably created by the 7th Stand User himself in his rule over the world. Which then leads to...
      • The "Mad World" eyes, a pair of realistic eyes that show up at the end of the credits roll, and at the Dream World should you come face to face with the shadowy figure during the "TURN IT OFF" sequence. While it may seem as a cheap scare at first, it gains a completely different meaning in the context of this ending: These are the eyes that intimidated DIO, the ones he recognized to be much like his own, much like the ones that scared Kakyoin, Avdol and Polnareff frozen... Or, in DIO's words, the eyes of someone born purely evil.
  • Older Than They Think: The Stand 'Miracles' is named after R&B group The Miracles, not the Insane Clown Posse song.
  • Player Punch:
    • On the Abandoned Freighter, you cannot save any of the other sailors no matter how fast you try to find Forever (and no, Kate doesn't count).
    • If you talk to a seaman at the Harbor, he will remark how strange it is that he hasn't seen his father since this morning before mentioning that his dad is the captain of a charter ship. Impostor Captain Tennile killed him in order to get on board the ship.
    • Early on in Hong Kong, you meet a Stand user named Utah who teaches you about how to use your Stand and can be battled again in the Harbor. When you get to Singapore, you see Utah again... as a zombie due to Vins, and must kill him to put him out of his misery.
    • If you save Stroheim and Speedwagon with Joseph in your party, he will wonder if Caesar is out there. He's not.
    • The player can try to fight Hol Horse and J. Geil himself, only to seemingly die. While the player (and everyone else) knows he/she'll be all right, Polnareff doesn't know this, and his anguish is actually pretty sad. Not helping matters is Kakyoin begging the player to wake up.
    • Talking with Kakyoin, Abdul, and Iggy when you know they're going to die is extremely painful, especially when Abdul talks about a book fair he'll never see or Kakyoin talks about his family he'll never see again. Even if you save one of them, the other two will die.
    • The ultimate player punch has to be the Sacrifice Ending. It's when, after being called up by Berlin and Alicia, you decide to go after the rest of DIO's minions, the man himself and finally Vins. Sadly, due to your character doing this all alone, they succumb to their wounds and jump off the bridge they were on in hopes that DIO's Diary would be lost with them. Sadly, when the party wakes up and recieves the news, each one of them is 'devestated' or try to come up with an explanation of how it's not your body that was found. The two worst things that fully punch you in the guts on this is the two factors that A: You need 50 total FP with the party (as in each one of them needs enough time to like you and do a combo attack with you, and B: Your actions are completely for naught because they get the book anyways, which is what Steel, Berlin and Alicia were trying to prevent.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Rolling Stones. It can move through walls and kills you instantly on touch.
  • Ship Tease: The female protagonist gets quite a bit with the other members of the team. They even get jealous of the flattery Midler gets if they're close enough with them!
    • In the sacrifice ending, before the player dies, they will mutter out the name of the companion they have the highest friendship with. (Although for it to happen, the friendship level must be very high)
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Should the protagonist accompany Polnareff to chase down J. Geil, they will be the one who gets shot by Hol Horse instead of Avdol. Even Hol Horse is horrified by this if the protagonist is female and breaks down into tears seeing that they're still alive.
    • Sadly, Avdol, Iggy, and Kakyoin's deaths are still set to stone. Even if you go on one of the character's ending routes, the other two cannot be saved.
    • The Sacrifice ending. Seeing your companions being heartbroken and in denial about the protagonist's death is hard to read through.
    • Alicia, Berlin, and Steel returning to their original timelines and saying goodbye to the protagonist after Vins is defeated.
    • Both of Josuke's endings.
  • That One Boss:
    • J. Geil during the Boss Rush. His storyline fight was fairly easy (with or without Brainstorm) but the boss rush gives him a whole new gimmick. He now hides in one of five oil drums, with Hanged Man materializing in the middle of them all. Hanged Man is still invincible but will make every attempt that it can to One-Hit KO you, and the drums can throw dynamite at you and also inflict Berserk on your party. And again, there's five of them, so that means you can end up taking quite a lot of damage before your next turn comes around. If that wasn't enough, the drum Geil is in (destroying it ends the fight) is random.
    • Before that comes Rubber Soul, who has stopped more than a few first time playthroughs. His constant sapping of your Health and SP as well as his near-invulnerability when he isn't imitating a member of the Crusaders will run through an unprepared player. At the very least, you can skip the fight.
      • If you're playing as Ocean Blue and learned Fluid Launcher, or at least majorly leveled up with Jotaro, though, this is inverted.
    • Twin Blades Polnareff combines the worst aspects of the previous Anubis fights and adds a large amount of RNG. The worst part is that clearing the fight without the Brainstorm gets you Polnareff's Zantetsuken skill, arguably one of his best.
      • Said previous Anubis fights aren't exactly easy in of themselves, with Chaka's disappearing gimmick that lets him take "?" (read: zero) damage from attacks, Khan's insane Damage-Sponge Boss status both times he's fought, and Anubis!Polnareff having the highest attack of everyone before the aforementioned Twin Blades fight.
  • That One Level: The Boss Rush to the Unrest/Succession ending, instead of having powerful Ripple Warriors as selectable companions, instead you have Alicia and Berlin in your party, and in order to gain the Succession ending (The game's only unconditional happy ending) you must collect over 45 souls from the boss rush. Sounds simple, if it weren't for both Alicia and Berlin having fairly low stats and limited skills, so it's easy for bosses like Vanilla Ice and DIO to easily kill them if you're not careful, and every time Alicia is KO'd she uses one of the souls you've collected to automatically revive herself.
  • That One Sidequest: Obtaining St. George Sword, which involves meeting Utah at Edfu before day 22 and staying at a hotel with a party member in a specific order until a cutscene about the sword, which has a random chance of triggering, occurs for each one respectively. And after that, you have to go through a maze full of rolling stones that will kill you in one hit and face a Bonus Boss to get an item that also has a random chance of dropping.
  • Woolseyism: In the original Japanese, Joey has a very distinct way of speaking. Since it didn't transition over very well, the translator gave him a few new quirks such as his 'hyuk hyuk'.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds: Vins comes across like this as well as something of a Jerkass Woobie. Her child was a stillborn and in her despair, she stole another family's baby. Then when her son's stopped a burglar from stealing some woman's bag, things started going downhill for her as her son got into a relationship wit his long-lost sister, was nearly killed by white supremacists because she married an African American, her son was taken away and his memories stolen and then she lost her chance to save her son once the player begins the game. She's not totally innocent at all (she stole a child and by doing so, caused all of Part 6 to happen, not to mention what she did to people in order to get her zombies) but it's hard to not feel a little sorry for her.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Then again, given what Vins does in game, which involves murdering people with glee, killing an entire organization of people unrelated to DIO for flimsy reasons, and in most of the endings being responsible for killing Alicia and Berlin and turning loads of people into zombies on a scale that even Phantom Blood Dio would be amazed at (not to mention how Zombiedom tends to be a Fate Worse than Death in Jojo). Not to mention in Josuke's ending how she happily kills them both and potentially feeds them ALIVE to her zombies, giving Josuke a Breaking Speech the entire time. She could've easily done things in a more humane/efficient manner, but how she acts in game, causing needless deaths and cruelties and doing it near gleefully, can make some feel that it's hard to have any sympathy for her.

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