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  • Arc Fatigue: One criticism of Jojolion is that it's very slow-paced. The Rokakaka Fruit subplot in particular has been going on for years of real time, while the audience has seen little progress on many of the mysteries introduced in the earlier chapters.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Joshu was initially The Scrappy for his annoying behavior, unattractive character design, and being a spoiled brat. In fact a lot of fans weren't pleased with him getting into Eyes of Heaven over Yasuho. Though as of recently he has garnered a lot of more fans who find him to be pretty funny and even thought he was an effective joke character in Eyes of Heaven.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: As one of JJBA's weirdest parts yet, it has plenty of these.
    • After the Doobie Wah! fight, Yasuho and Josuke go for a walk by the sea. The latter is asked by the former to sing, at which point Josuke starts singing about liking fries and disliking fried chicken.
    • Chapter 89 continues Josuke and Rai's chase of Satoru Akefu, starting with the two hiding while they lick their wounds... in a Lamborghini that's just inexplicably up on a tree in Morioh's suburbs. Adding to the strangeness is the fact that a public custodian prepares to start pruning the branches of the tree they're in, at which point Rai asks him to postpone it, thus revealing that he's an associate of Rai and regularly delivers to him his wife's peaches. None of these details appear to be receiving any further explanations anytime soon.
  • Catharsis Factor: Damo is responsible for the tragedies of the Higashikata family, including the deaths of Kira and Josefumi. It's thus satisfying to see him get his comeuppance, with him getting skewered by Hato, the girl he manipulated sweetening the deal.
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  • The Chris Carter Effect: Part 8 has been accused of suffering from this by fans burnt out by its glacial pacing; while the driving question of the part's first act has been resolved, the sheer length at which the Rokakaka Fruit subplot has been going on in real time and the lack of any real resolution to the many mysteries introduced early on has left fans feeling a heavy bout of Arc Fatigue, to the point where some have contemplated giving up on Part 8 as a whole.
  • Die for Our Ship: Tooru gets hits with this hard, due to trying to go after Yasuho; violating the fan-favorite ship between Josuke and her. And unlike Joshu, he's taken completely seriously by the story, to the point that people think he's suspicious or even that he's the main villain.
  • Dork Age: The story between the fight with Damo and Ojiro's sudden return is often seen as this. With the main mystery of Josuke's identity solved, the story becomes directionless, with the plot devolving into a game of keepaway regarding the Rokakaka Fruit that makes Josuke feel like a side character. Throw-away villains' powers become increasingly confusing and abstract, and Arc Fatigue sets in. Quite a few people took to bashing the pacing as a result, with the mystery of the head doctor and Ojiro's comeback restoring the stakes to the story.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • The children of the Higashikata family all seem to draw in fanbases after they begin taking active roles in the story. Daiya got popular for her similarities to Yukako from Part 4 and her bizarre yet attractive character design, Jobin got popular once he became more relevant and ended up being the most fleshed out of the children, and Hato has slowly been getting more fans after her beatdown of Tamaki Damo.
    • The Rock Humans, particularly Yotsuyu Yanagiyama and Tamaki Damo are some of the most popular minor antagonists in the franchise. Mainly for basically being the polar opposites of their predecessors, being colder and more professional with their actions, and having great chemistry with each other.
      • Damo especially has been seen as one of the greatest minor villains in the series (second only to/on par with Ringo, depending who you ask) and one of the greatest examples of a Climax Boss. In no small part to his cold and twisted personality and the sheer genius of his stand. A number of people are even dissapointed he wasn't the Big Bad.
    • Kyo Nijimura has a small fanbase for herself as well. Most of her fans are disappointed by her now minor role in the story.
    • Ojiro's brief return led to the long-forgotten Starter Villain being absolutely adored for how much he Took a Level in Badass, more or less catching up with half the manga's plotline from doing basic research, and having a surprisingly legitimately loving relationship where it seemed at first to be a Gold Digger situation.
  • Epileptic Trees:
    • Fan discussion on who the main villain is usually treks into this territory. Common theories are that it is either Jobin because of his association with the Rock Humans and actions towards Josuke and Yasuho in recent chapters, Caato since we do not know what her Stand is named which some see as an indicator for her being the main villain, or even Karera who some believe to be connected to Kars and possibly the leader of the Rock Humans.
    • That Karera is one of or the leader of the Rock Humans. This ties in with a Fanon theory that the Rock Humans are alternate universe counterparts to the Pillar Men from Battle Tendency. The Pillar Men were lead by Kars while Karera's name comes very close to his. Though some have discarded this theory all together since Karera is more likely the alternate universe counterpart to Yukako due to possessing Love Love Deluxe, and living in Morioh Town.
  • Estrogen Brigade: Much like Stone Ocean, the larger female cast in this part makes it one of the more popular parts among female fans. It helps that Yasuho is the second most prominent protagonist in the story and is one of the most multi-dimensional female characters in the series.
  • Fan-Disliked Explanation: When Soft and Wet's property-stealing soap bubbles were explained as extremely tightly-coiled string, it was immediately made the subject of mockery and disdain, especially among detractors of post-Damo part 8.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Josuke/Yasuho is extremely popular given the gratuitous amounts of Ship Tease and endearing chemistry between the two.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Aishou Dainenjiyama looks like he doesn't know how to wear clothes, with him wearing a sweater on his head among other things.
  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Still manages to pull this off even though this part is more drama-focused than previous ones. Really kicks in when its revealed that Josuke is a fusion of Josefumi and Kira.
  • Jerkass Woobie: The Rock Human Aisho. Despite the fact that he was part of a smuggling ring and Would Hurt a Child, life was far from kind to him at that point. His girlfriend, after learning of his need for month-long hibernation periods, takes advantage of said period to cheat on him and even sold off his property. By the time he woke up, his home and girlfriend were gone, and fellow Rock Human Yotsuyu had to break the news that he was duped and abandoned.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • 89 years old!? Explanation .
  • Moe: Yasuho and Daiya. The latter especially thanks to her iconic bear hoodie.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Damo crossed it when he attempted to have Josefumi and Kira make a Sadistic Choice by forcing one to betray the other for their lives.
    • Dr. Wu crossed it when he had Mitsuba unknowingly use her unborn child for Equivalent Exchange. Though, this is later subverted when it's revealed that the results of Equivalent Exchange is random, but Wu digs himself a little deeper by otherwise still justifying it since the fetus was only 14 weeks old.
    • Jobin crossed it when after killing Ojiro (fair enough, he came for him and his son), he left his body in his (non stand user) girlfriend’s pool, cell phone waiting to kill her as soon as she answered it. Her young daughter was a single second away from picking it up herself, and Joubin had no real way of - or apparent interest in - preventing this random chance. He even tells the woman that he ‘’would’’ have killed her child if she were a stand user too.
  • Narm Charm: Rai Mamekuzu's Stand is named Doggy Style. Doggy Style. JJBA is no stranger to ridiculous Stand names, so it doesn't really kill any drama, but a lot of fans in the West were either baffled, giggling, or both when they first found out.
    Mamezuku: "Do you know what I'm trying to do with my Doggystyle...? Jousuke knows."
  • Paranoia Fuel: Going Underground/Born This Way, at least until Josuke figure out how it works. It just keeps showing up out of nowhere!
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Many of the supporting cast members outside of the Higashikata and Holy have only been plot-relevant in their formal introduction arc. This includes characters like Kyo and Karera who were built up as important characters and barely have any screen time afterward. Possibly justified as there have been signs that Araki rewrote the plot partway through, but many fans are still bitter about it.
  • Too Cool to Live:
    • This part reveals that Johnny from Steel Ball Run died ten years after the events of that part in order to save his dying child. Continuing the tradition of every lead Joestar aside from Joseph not being able to catch a guaranteed break.
    • A good version of Yoshikage Kira with Killer Queen, plus some upgraded abilities? No way that will last.
    • The new and improved Ojiro Sasame comes back, kicks the ass of Joubin and Tsurugi so hard that all they can do to win is fake being more bloodied than they were, and then is unfortunately killed after making an extremely strong second impression.

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