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YMMV / John Yonge Akerman

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     "The Miniature" 

  • Values Dissonance: Between Regency England and both Victorian Britain and the present day. Part of the point of the story seems to have been to highlight the ways in which Victorian culture had progressed over Regency.
    • In Regency England and early Victorian Britain, it was both legal and socially-acceptable to marry even a close cousin. Richard's crush on Maria is thus not meant as Squick.
    • Love at First Sight: Also taken much more seriously in both Regency England and Victorian Britain than it is today.
    • Might Makes Right: Complicated. In Regency England dueling over a fair maiden was acceptable, but not the way that Richard does it. By the time of Victorian Britain, this was already starting to be seen as a bit barbaric. This is key to the tale.
    • Duel to the Death: More acceptable in Regency than in Victorian times (when duels had already become mostly non-lethal); and of course much more acceptable in Regency times than in the 21st century. It's important to note that the way Richard challenged George was dishonorable even by the laxer Regency standards, though.


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