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  • Awesome Music: All the games have these.
  • Best Level Ever: Nebulous, from Jet Moto 2. Riding around on an almost dream-like, whimsical course in the sky with a cheerful orchestra - only to descend straight into Hell, complete with Autobots, Rock Out!, almost seamlessly and back in one of the craziest courses of the series.
  • Contested Sequel: Jet Moto 3 is seen as this.
  • Even Better Sequel: Jet Moto 2 is seen as this.
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  • Funny Moments: The first time you go flying off Nightmare and fall....and fall...and fall...and fall...and fall...and keep falling.
  • Growing the Beard: With Jet Moto 2.
  • Only the Creator Does It Right: The general fan perception. Single Track were the developers of the first two games, only to be bought out by GT Interactive, so Sony as owners of the license promptly brought in 989 Studios to develop the third title. The result was something so far removed in everything but the core gameplay and concept that it killed the series near-instantly.
  • Sequel Displacement: Who besides the diehard fans remembers the original Jet Moto that well?
  • That One Level: Plenty of candidates, due to the crazy level design.
    • Mach Schnell from 2 seems designed to have as many traps for the player as possible. It has the "Stairway in the Sky," an extremely long series of jumps across uneven blocks with no rails at all, it has a tempting shortcut which will make you go flying into the distance if you aren't prepared, and several precision jumps. That course is designed to kill anyone who holds down the accelerator.
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    • Rollercide will make you bonk your head on all the checkpoints the first time you play it. There are grapples hidden beneath the track to prevent this, but they're hard to spot and might not work.
    • Pretty much all of the "Hell" part of Nebulous is Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Precision jumps and wildly changing track orientation everywhere.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Jet Moto 3 might as well be an entirely new game that changed nearly everything from the previous titles besides the base idea of racing hoverbikes and energy grapple hooks. Considering its immediate predecessor is among the top legendary Cult Classic entries on the entirety of the PlayStation, the sharp drop in sales for 3 imply that many fans either didn't know about the game or simply just didn't like how it threw the baby out with the bath water for being more like the competition.
    • Fans were also split on the presentation changes. The first two games had more of a 90's comic book aesthetic, but the third game swapped that out for dated CGI. The music for the first two games were a bit of period-piece hard rock and synth, while the third game swaps it all out for techno and drum-and-bass. No matter how you sliced it, the tone and style were entirely different from the first two games, so it's no wonder some fans got turned off.

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