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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Oh, so many. One example: Jon offering Jerry a Galaxy Ripple chocolate bar, with Jerry declining and asking if he has wine gums... in an episode about racial awareness.
    • In "Big Nose Man", the episode suddenly shifts from the original plot (giving birthday gifts to his friend Collin and brother Harold) to show Jerry's room turning into a giant calculator that doesn't even work. The rest of the episode has nothing to do with anyone's birthdays or calculators either.
  • Missing Episode: The "Sex In The Bedroom" episode ends with a teaser for Jerry's next cartoon, about how to install a graphics card on an Amiga 1200 computer. As riveting and informative as his instructions would surely be, the episode was either fake or never released.
    • The "Mario Parody" episode ends with Jerry teasing that a similar Matrix parody is coming next. This was presumably part of the prior gag that his Flash parody of Mario was totally original, and not an actual planned cartoon.
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  • Replacement Scrappy: In the most recent episode to date, Jerry quits animating and starring in his show to focus on other ventures, and gives it to his older brother Casper, who had never been seen or mentioned by name until then, and who suspiciously sounds like and maintains the same animation style as Jerry. Casper actually became reasonably popular with the late night talk show-style series he launched during the episode, with many one-off past characters appearing in the audience, but Jerry disliked Casper's insults of him and took his show back at the end.

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