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    Comic Book 
  • Broken Base:
    • Stormer and Kimber's Adaptational Sexuality. One side loves them as a couple and love that a canon lesbian relationship is in the series. The other side either dislikes them being gay or accuse the comic of biphobia by not making Kimber bisexual, seeing as she had multiple male lovers in the show. And another side doesn't mind the relationship but feels that it happened and is moving much too quickly.
    • Whether the series should be a part of the Hasbro Comic Universe (as Word of God from the editors of Revolution have said that Jem is a part of the new combined continuity, whereas Jem's editors themselves have apparently said it isn't- leading to be in somewhat of a state of limbo until stated otherwise). While some fans would love GI Joe or Transformers crossovers, others feel that series with such advanced technology taking place in the same universe as Jem would ruin the importance of Synergy.
    • Raya joining Jem and the Holograms. To some it was a Foregone Conclusion however others thought the comic was changing things up. Is it best that they kept that plot thread from the cartoons or would it have been best if they changed the characters dynamics and kept Raya as a Stinger, maybe even a friendly-ish Stinger like Stormer is?
  • Cargo Ship: Roxy really likes bagels. She even falls for one in the Valentines' Day episode.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • As always, Stormer. Even in-series she seems to have a fanbase.
    • Fans on Tumblr really like Clash, especially due to her nose.
    • Blaze gets this. Usually fandoms are wary of Canon Foreigners but she's been received remarkably well.
  • Epileptic Trees: Given how the series has been retroactively fused into the Hasbro Comic Universe, it brings up questions about whether Synergy is actually an AI, or if she could be linked to the other Hasbro titles- could she be a Cybertronian spark (a Camien?) that somehow got trapped in a computer? A former member of the Solstar Order? A being from Microspace?- especially given how she was an ally of the Micronauts in Hasbro's previous crossover attempt, Unit:E.
  • Evil Is Sexy:
    • Techrat's and Eric's redesigns are seen in this way.
    • Not to mention SILICA.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Pizzazz/Jetta has its fans despite neither showing interest in anyone. Pizzazz/Jerrica is also more popular here then in the cartoon.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Some people complain Kimber and Stormer got together too quickly. Looking at the cartoon, Kimber always gets into relationships quickly.
  • Fridge Horror: Synergy was shut down and only reactivated due to her server re-booting after a lighting storm. In the cartoon, Jerrica's dad left clear directions to let Jerrica and her sisters find and use Synergy after his death. So why was she shut down in the comics? The answer and the horror comes with the Dark Jem arc, where there is something corrupted in Synergy and it's getting out. Jerrica's Dad most likely had to shut Synergy down to prevent this infection from getting out and spreading, and never had a chance to 'fix' Synergy before his death. So when Jerrica and her sisters started using Synergy they had no idea they activated a time bomb.
  • Funny Moments: Has its own page.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The reason given why the Jem cast wasn't allowed to interact and have crossovers with the rest of the Hasbro Comic Universe was that their tone was too different, that it would be out of place for teen music stars to interact with the Transformers or G.I. Joe. Despite this, the Jem comic and its spinoffs would eventually have plots involving the Holograms and the Misfits dealing evil super computers and traveling to a dystopian future. Having giant robots or secret agents attending their concerts wouldn't have been too much of a stretch by then.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Has its own page.
  • Jerkass Woobie: It's made clear that Pizzazz's temper is incredibly self destructive, and that she is aware of this but is unable to change. It also helps that when she calls up her father, it's clear he's much too preoccupied to give Pizzazz any attention, even though she was recovering from a car accident that sent her to the hospital and injured her vocal cords. His only reaction is to repeatedly offer to send her money before hanging up on his clearly upset daughter.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: As with the original, a number of fans tune in just to watch the antics of the Misfits especially now that they've been revamped into more sympathetic characters. Their fans were especially happy that the Band received a spinoff in 2017.
  • Les Yay: Blaze and Clash have a lot of this but it's unknown if this is intentional Ship Tease or not. They're certainly close buddies at least.
    • They even kiss in the first issue of Dimensions.
  • LGBT Fanbase: Possibly more than the source. With its diverse character designs, several canonically LGBT characters, majority female cast, and campy nature it hit a cord with many LGBT people.
  • More Popular Spin Off: Between this and the film version, the comic was pretty much considered the definitive reboot version of the Jem series. While most fans dig it others are likewise bummed that it just regulated to comics while others Hasbro properties (My Little Pony, GI Joe, Littlest Pet Shop, Transformers) at least got televised reboots and Jem was the only one to miss out (The live action film bombing not helping matters). Still the comic did manage a four year run.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: There's a Vocal Minority of Jem fans who complain about various changes. It's not enough to create a Broken Base though:
    • Stormer being made into a Big Beautiful Woman.
    • Stormer and Kimber being an Official Couple was mostly met by squees of joy however some disliked it. Part of it was because they shipped Kimber with Sean however a majority was just disliking them being gay. Still another group does not mind them being in a relationship, they just wish the characters had gotten more than two (or one and a half) dates before being built up as this starcrossed tragic romance. It's kind of quick.
    • The redesigns in general were scoffed at by many fans at first, though most got over it when the series began.
    • Jerrica being less confident than she is in the cartoon.
    • Setting it in The New '10s instead of The '80s.
    • When compared to the designs Campbell made a few years prior, some people prefer her older designs (especially The Misfits).

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Many scenes with Jerrica and Kimber's dad Emmett usually just have Jerrica and him, with Kimber nowhere in sight. Add that to the fact that Emmett's hologram only mentions that he loves her, with no mention of Kimber led to some reviewers' speculation that Kimber is The Unfavorite of the two. This is probably due to bad writing, but still.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Someone at Universal thought it would be a great idea to take a cartoon from the eighties with a small but devoted cult fanbase and reboot it with so many drastic changes that it ended up alienating that same fanbase, while also being so bland and clichéd that it failed to attract any new fans. The film was pulled from theaters two weeks after release due to underperforming even under a low $5 million budget.
  • Awesome Music: Regardless of the quality of the movie, "Youngblood" is a pretty good song.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Kimber is divisive. Some found Stefanie Scott's Genki Girl tendencies annoying but others liked her and felt she deserved more screen time.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The various videos from YouTube sometimes have a place in the film - the montage of people claiming they love Jem for instance. However often the clips are just random and make no sense. For example a clip of musician Rob Scallon drumming interspersed with Jerrica and Rio sneaking in and out of Starlight.
  • Bile Fascination: A few checked out the movie to see what all the negativity was about.
  • Broken Base:
  • Cliché Storm: The film uses the standard band movie formula: Band gets famous, lead singer considers going solo, brief amount of conflict, Corrupt Corporate Executive meddling, band gets back together just in time for a performance at the end.
  • Designated Villain: Erica Raymond. The worst thing she does is to try to get Jem to become a solo act, which is something Jerrica could easily just say no to. She's treated as a Corrupt Corporate Executive because she produces "no talent auto-tune pop acts", rather than musicians with depth, but she's nonetheless competent and successful at her job. Also, we never get to see any of the damage she does to the music industry. This is especially true when her countpart in the original series was a genuinely horrible person who endangered the heroes' lives.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: As noted below, Kesha's cameo as Pizzazz is about the only thing warmly received in the movie.
  • Girl-Show Ghetto: Compare the other times Hasbro properties have received live action film adaptations. Transformers received a budget of $150 million. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra received $175 million. Even Battleship of all things received a $220 million budget. The one adaptation based on a girl-oriented franchise? $5 million.note  While the cartoon broke out of the ghetto, the movie fell straight into it – barely making $2 million, and that's including international box office numbers. This may have been related to removing everything remotely distinctive about the franchise from the film.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The movie gives a Setting Update to be set in the 2010s instead of the 80s. Ryan Guzman, who plays Rio, next starred in Everybody Wants Some!! - which is set in the 80s, so fans finally got to see the live action Rio with '80s Hair.
  • Idiot Plot:
    • The whole financial problem could have been avoided if they either just sold the robot or if the dad had patented the robot in the first place.
    • The third act conflict has Jerrica deciding to break into Starlight Enterprises in the middle of the night to steal the earrings out of Erica's safe. Erica has no idea that the earrings are important, so there's no reason they couldn't just ask her for them back, in the morning. Even if they didn't want to ask, they're employed by her and Rio is Erica's son, no doubt with access to her office, so there's no reason they couldn't just walk in the front door.
  • Narm: It's impossible to take the film's message to Be Yourself and not to sell out to corporations seriously due to how the film itself is a massive Cliché Storm that is also an In Name Only cash-grab adaptation.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Eiza González as Jetta in The Stinger.
  • So Okay, It's Average: Some of the more positive reviews, including a more famous one from Matt Zoller Seitz, have said that the film isn't the worst film ever made, as it has catchy and fun songs, good makeup and costumes, good acting performances from the leads, and a decent plot.
  • Special Effect Failure:
  • Tainted by the Preview: When the first trailer was released, fans were unhappy with it only vaguely resembling the cartoon.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Practically everything about the movie has created this reaction:
    • Setting it in the 2010s instead of making it a 1980s Period Piece (though to be fair, the well-received Jem comic is also set in the 2010s.)
    • Synergy is no longer a cool holographic woman, instead she is a little robot thing. Many fans feel she should have been left out if they were going to change her so much.
    • Eric being a woman met with some controversy, though not as much as everything else.
    • The general plot is considered more Hannah Montana than Jem. People are sick of this type of plot that appears in every band-related medium.
    • The lack of Misfits until The Stinger is seen as appalling. To many, The Misfits make the cartoon so their absence was poorly received.
    • The movie went for realism instead of keeping the outrageous, campy style of the cartoon.
    • Rio secretly being the owner of Starlight Music.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Some people have pointed out that a Jem and the Holograms movie had tons of potential, between the hologram induced disguises, colorful characters, and action adventure elements… and the movie didn't tap into any of it. They did get the Misfits in the final moments of the film. Arguably pretty much the only time the series actually did feel like the cartoon.
    • Aja apparently spent time in juvenile hall. The movie just skips over this instead of using this to give her actual characterization.
    • The film does next to nothing to explore when is it right to sacrifice artistic freedom and what it means to sell out.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The Stinger set up Kesha as Pizzazz, which many saw as an inspired casting decision.
  • Took the Bad Film Seriously:
    • Critics noted that the movie wasn't good but Aubrey Peeples (Jem) and Juliette Lewis (Erica Raymond) turned in good performances. Peeples admitted to being unfamiliar with the source material beforehand but became a fan of it during production. She likewise insisted on doing her own singing.
    • On a different level, special care and attention was clearly put into the stage costumes and make-up at least. Critics did praise the film for those somewhat interesting qualities.
  • Uncertain Audience: This was the primary reason the film bombed. The original fans were put off by the movie removing any of the gaudy, cheesy charm of the original, while a good chunk of the Younger and Hipper audience that the movie was aiming for have no idea what Jem even is, and even if they had seen the original series they would've been put off by the film having very little in common with it.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The clip of Chris Pratt saying he dated Jem for a few weeks. The actual context of the clip is him talking about dating his sister's Jem dolls as a child, but in the context of the movie, it makes it seem like he dated Jem, when he is several years older than her. Both The Nostalgia Critic and Smeghead have pointed out how creepy the implication is. It gets worse when you remember that Pratt was married at the time.
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: Many, including The Nostalgia Critic, were thoroughly saddened to see Molly Ringwald as Aunt Bailey.


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