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  • Archive Panic: A half-dozen books, several TV and theatrical films, hours and hours of radio airchecks and transcripts. Even though Shepherd repeated a lot of his stories in different venues, there's still a huge pile of Shepherd work to dig into if your appetite was whetted by A Christmas Story.
  • Older Than They Think: A Saturday live radio show in front of an audience with music and the host telling stories about his Midwestern hometown—not only A Prairie Home Companion, but Shepherd's weekly show at the Limelight Cafe in Greenwich Village, which he did a decade before Garrison Keillor made his debut. Keillor is a sore spot for some Shepherd fans, who feel he stole Shepherd's act. The two men were obviously aware of one another: Shepherd contributed a blurb to the cover of Keillor's first book Happy to Be Here.
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  • True Art Is Angsty: He made a memorable rant against this trope (using the term "Mock Serious" to describe it) on his radio show.

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