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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Hannah, both in and out-of-universe.
    • In-universe, the Springs believe that Hannah was a monster for stealing a toddler from them and dumping the child at her parents, who had no idea that Hannah was capable of an act that heinous. To "Jennie Spring's" older siblings, Hannah ruined their peace of mind and they want revenge on her for how Janie is no longer their little sister. Janie herself is feeling conflicted because she can't comprehend why a person would do such a thing, while relieved that her adoptive parents were innocent. The Johnsons believe it's their fault for not helping Hannah better; while they obviously don't trust her anymore, Mr. Johnson sends her payments, tacitly to make sure she doesn't ruin any more lives.
    • Why does she resent her privileged upbringing? From what Janie's parents said when they explained about Hannah to Janie, it seemed like Hannah was a deeply unhappy child. Whenever she tried to tell anyone about her feelings, the only answer she had received was being reminded that she had no reason to be unhappy: she had the perfect childhood that any other girl would have wanted. Hannah's problem seems more rooted in mental illness, so those well-meaning reminders of her wonderful life might have left Hannah feeling like if her parents had not been so wealthy and loving, people would have taken her problems more seriously.
  • Tear Jerker: While it's also heartwarming, there is something piercing about the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Johnson accept that Hannah may have kidnapped Janie. Up to this point, they never made excuses for Hannah, but they assumed it was their fault for how she turned out. When they learn that Janie found some proof that she may really be Jennie Spring, their expressions change. The Johnsons tell Janie that it is more than possible, and she needs to call the Springs to find out if it's true. They know it will disrupt their quiet lives, and it means acknowledging that Hannah crossed the Moral Event Horizon, but if they were the ones who had lost Janie, they would want to know.