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YMMV / Jamestown: Legend of the Lost Colony

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  • Crowning Music Of Awesome: Most of the soundtrack qualifies, but special mention goes to the Final Boss Theme. CON-QUIS-TA-DOOOR, CON-QUIS-TA-DOOOR, CON-QUIS-TA-DOOOR, CON-QUIS-TA-DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!
  • Game-Breaker:
    • The Treason's missiles can greatly reduce bullet spam in levels that have hordes of lesser enemies, like Roanoke. The increased movement speed is handy and the slow-down from charging the missiles is surprisingly good for fine-weaving.
      • The ship is also incredibly easy to use (spam missiles, perhaps charging during any lulls) and the homing missiles can take care of far-away enemies and sometimes go through walls in the last level.
    • The Gunner ship, with its omnidirectional shots. Coupled with its speed, it's the best ship not only for playing for score, but also simply trying to hit everything on the screen. It's not even an Infinity +1 Sword; it's the first unlockable ship.