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YMMV / Jackson Browne

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  • Anvilicious: He can fall into this when tackling politics, especially evident in The '80s.
  • Covered Up:
    • An interesting case. The Eagles did this with "Take It Easy". Their version was released a year before Browne's. Partially subverted in that Browne co-wrote the song with Glenn Frey of the Eagles.
    • Nico's version of "These Days" is probably better known than his own now. Of course, this is similar to the "Take It Easy" example in that Nico recorded her version six years before Browne recorded his. Gregg Allman's version of the song is also quite well known.
  • Overshadowed by Controversy: While it has never been proven that he abused Daryl Hannah and he never faced charges over it, the allegation effectively ended his career as a commercial artist and has continued to hang over his head thanks to its endurance in popular culture.
    • Mystery Science Theater 3000 in particular loved referencing Browne whenever a character was shown on-screen attacking a woman.
    • Joni Mitchell, another one of Browne's ex-lovers, released the song "Not to Blame" in the wake of the incident. It has been interpreted to be about Browne, and more sinisterly, accuses him of being a serial abuser who drove his ex-wife to suicide. (Their own relationship was pretty tumultuous; it ended with Mitchell attempting suicide.) Mitchell denies this, but it still contributed to the damage Browne's public image took after the incident.
      "The story hit the news / From coast to coast / They said you beat the girl / You loved the most / Your charitable acts / Seemed out of place / With the beauty / With your fist marks on her face."
    • As late as 2003, more than ten years after the incident, Browne was still fighting back the allegation, when he sued 20th Century Fox for including the claim he beat Hannah in a film about John F. Kennedy, Jr. Fox settled the claim by apologizing and editing out the line of dialogue.
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    • As this retrospective, in-depth post about the abuse allegations eventually concludes, given the dizzying about of hearsay and unsubstantiated allegations from both sides, it's impossible to determine whether Browne did or did not abuse Hannah.
  • Tear Jerker: "The Pretender", "For a Dancer", "In the Shape of A Heart".
  • True Art Is Angsty: The Pretender, one of Browne's best-reviewed albums, is also one of his darkest, owing to him dealing with his first wife's suicide.


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