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YMMV / Jack Frost

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The manwha Jack Frost:

  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Camilla sacrifices several of her underlings in the West to feed a newly-risen Avid. She pretty much blames the entire event on Hansen to his face and doesn't even blink when he goes off on little more than a suicide mission to the North.
    • Ethan raises Hansen's brother Kay and Noh-A's father from the dead. He turns Kay against Hansen, forcing him to re-kill him and blackmails Noh-A in a Face–Heel Turn via her father's life.
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  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Noh-A's backstory. Anyone close to the Mirror Image dies, no exceptions. Usually of natural causes, but occasionally, a big black ''thing'' will do the job. One looked like Jack.
  • Hansen's backstory. He, his brother Kay and would-be girlfriend Agathe were among the people attacked by a rampaging, newly vampiric Avid. Kay and Agathe are both bitten in trying to save Hansen and rise as bloodthirsty zombies. Which the now traumatized Hansen has to re-kill.

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