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YMMV / It's Alive! with Brad

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  • Ho Yay: Brad has lots of it with a few guys:
    • He's apparently the only guy who calls Vincent "Vinny" and also frequently calls him "Babe."
    (From the Campfire Breakfast episode) "Oh Vinny! Sleeping beauty! Welcome to the party, babe. Don't worry, I got breakfast goin'. Gonna spoil you rotten, Vinny."
    • He and sausage-maker Elias Cairo, already very similar in personality and goofiness, re-enact the famous pottery scene from Ghost (1990).
    • Constantly with Andrew Rea. Along with having good chemistry with each other, Brad gives Andrew the nickname "Babby", which Andrew admits on his own show that he likes when Brad calls him that. The box with ingredients to make ricotta cheese is labeled "B + BB", to which Brad says "B + BB Forever. I should have drawn a little heart around it. How cute would that be?" And they take a picture with it. They imitate turning your head and coughing with a bag. Next time Andrew joins the show, Brad set aside some kombucha especially for him, dubbed "Babby Booch". Brad opens the booch bottle with a knife, which Andrew finds incredibly sexy. Brad also occasionally throws a shoutout and blows a kiss to Andrew in later episodes.
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  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Though fans largely liked Goin' Places, they didn't enjoy its more subdued, professional travel show-style as much. They were very happy when episodes of the primary series returned with Hunziker going ape in editing once again.

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