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YMMV / Itadaki Street

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  • Fridge Brilliance: Luigi seems uncharacteristically bold and confident in the Wii game. But then, not even he could be scared of anything in a simple board game, and he's sometimes portrayed as being good with money and gambling. (His intro quote for The Ghost Ship has him reacting as expected, showing that his cowardice hasn't been forgotten.)
  • Game-Breaker: Assuming you can get a long enough chain of shops, you can make shops with goods worth more than the average win condition!
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  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: A mild example. Itadaki Street Wii (aka Fortune Street or Boom Street in America and Europe, respectively) is considered the weakest entry of the series, but was well-received overseas. This is a mild example because it also happened to be the first, and so far only, entry released outside Japan.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: If you build a tax office in the Wii game, Yoshi, the same character who would later gain a joke reputation on the internet as a serial tax evader, may request if he can be tax-exempt when you do if he's in play. Note that Yoshi is the only character who does this.
  • Unexpected Character: The final unlockable character in the Wii version is Patty, the woman who helps you organize your party in Dragon Quest IX. It makes sense in hindsight; who would be more skilled than her at business-related matters?
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  • Values Dissonance: The series encourages insider trading as a viable strategy. In real life, insider trading is illegal in many countries (including Japan, where the series originated note ).

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