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YMMV / Islands of Wakfu

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  • Complete Monster (includes Wakfu): Orgonax was the youngest and the prince of the Mechasm people whose heart was stolen by the Eliatrope traitor Qilby to ferment war between the two people. Beyond any hope of reason, Orgonax, in retribution, spearheaded a war with the end goal of the utmost destruction of the Eliatrope people, slaughtering countless numbers of them until they managed to escape the Mechasms' wrath. Orgonax persisted his genocidal crusade long after the rest of his people had retired, tracking down the Eliatropes to the planet that would become the World of Twelve and restarting his campaign of destruction all over again. A being of absolute, unrelenting hatred, Orgonax would let nothing—from the murder of the Eliatrope children, to allowing his Lu-Fu servants to suck the Wakfu dry from countless other species merely cohabiting the planet with the Eliatropes—stop him from exacting his revenge.
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  • Fanfic Fuel: The fact that the end of the game sees Nora sacrifice herself to finally destroy Orgonax and that we later learn in Season 2 that the Eliatrope who are part of the Council of Six will someday be reborn (and that Nora is part of the council) can lead to some fanfics in which Nora is reborn during the events of the series. Some fans have even shipped her with Yugo!

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