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YMMV / Inside Mari

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  • Broken Base: Whether the ending was fitting and made sense for the story, or was a rushed copout seems to be a source of contention among fans. The fact that after everything, Mari and Yori didn't ultimately end up together seems to be a particular sore spot for the ending's detractors.
  • Epileptic Trees: Many, if not most, of the fandom is under the impression it's not truly a bodyswap manga: Mari just has psychological issues, most likely Multiple Personality Disorder. The common consensus was that it was brought on by Parental Incest, though after the reveal that Mari's mom was abusive to Mari in the past fans began considering that the trigger. Considering the mangaka's other works the theory isn't too outlandish. Later confirmed.
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  • Seasonal Rot: It suddenly got lots of ecchi and more which was completely unrelated to the plot and unnecessary. Thankfully it managed to get better again a few chapters after that again.

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