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  • Badass Decay: After Jericho lost the championship the group as a whole slowly slid into the midcard. By All Out 2020 their status as the top Heel faction had been usurped by The Dark Order and they had transitioned away from feuding with The Elite:
    • Jericho was being used to elevate midcard Ensemble Dark Horse Orange Cassidy
    • Hager, who was now one of several big scary men in the company and no longer special, was making up the numbers in the Casino Battle Royale.
    • Santana and Ortiz were nowhere near the Tag Team title scene, which was dominated by the Elite and hot new heel team FTR
    • Sammy Guevara was in theory doing the best, feuding with respected veteran Matt Hardy, but he had also just come off a major suspension and was committing serious botches, putting him on thin ice with the company (and some fans).

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