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YMMV / Infant Annihilator

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  • Creepy Awesome: If you're a hardcore extreme music fan, they can qualify as this
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Arguably the entire group's deal when it comes to music videos and lyrics. "Feast ov Goreglutton" arguably embodies this in their discography
  • Growing the Beard: Their third album The Battle of Yaldabaoth is widely regarded by fans as superior to their first two albums due to its greater focus on technicality, riffing, and precision as well as its better production values compared to the raw chaos and brutality of the previous albums
  • Nightmare Fuel: ALL of their musical output can be considered as this in musical form.
    • The Elysian Grandeval Galeriarch might as well as be HONF in musical form second only to Khanate's entire discography, especially with its nightmarish, nauseating lyrics
  • Signature Song: "Decapitation Fornication, "Blasphemian", or "Soil the Stillborn"
  • Squick: Just look at their lyrics and try not to lose your lunch. We dare you!