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YMMV / In Short Supply

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  • Crack Ship: Zim and Purple, of course.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Subverted; the fic seems to make it a point to show that the Irkens really are doing horrible things to the rest of the universe, such as in the chapter set on the Conveyer Belt Planet.
  • Fridge Logic: Wait, doesn't GIR once get Zim to "dance" with him on the show without any apparent confusion?
    • And if Irkens are so freaked out about suicide, why does Zim almost self-destruct in the first episode?
      • The suicide thing might not have anything to do with the self-destruct mechanism. I imagine the self-destruct is more for emergencies. After all, not pressing it could very well end in a painful, messy death anyway (possibly leading to the death of several other Irkens, depending), so why not take your possible killers out with you?
      • Self-destructing is probably looked on as more favorable and honorable than not botching a mission.
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  • One Sided Shipping: Keef==>Zim, the latter of whom is Oblivious to Love.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Averted. Thirty chapters in Purple and Zim are considerably closer, but still acting like their usual, non-love-sick selves. Likewise there are so many side-plots that you can love this story even if you don't like the Zim/Purple romance.

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