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  • Harsher in Hindsight: The episode "Eva Braun" interviews David Irving, treating him simply as a Talking Head expert on Nazi Germany and World War II. The episode was made back when Irving was still considered a reputable historian. He would later come out as a Holocaust denier. That by itself is bad enough, but what makes it worse is the fact that the show was narrated by a Jewish actor. Adding further salt to the wound, said Jewish actor would later portray Mel Mermelsteinnote  in the made-for-television film Never Forget.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The episode about Atlantis, in light of Leonard Nimoy later playing the King of Atlantis in Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  • Narm Charm: Leonard Nimoy riding high on his success in Star Trek, rocking the 70's 'stache, delivering a completely serious and compelling narration of mysteries ranging from the topical, to the unheard of, to the completely ridiculous. And it is wonderful to watch.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The series had a music score that when combined with Nimoy's voice was enough to guarantee nightmares, especially when the episode is about nightmares.
    • The screaming skull.
    • The Amityville Horror episode includes several clips from the film. Twice we're treated to the close-up shot of a doll's eyes rolling back and glowing red.
    • The profile on Carlos the Jackal, to a child in the 1970s watching this show that dealt with ghosts, monsters and the like, the inclusion of this real life cold blooded killer terrorist felt terrifying as a real threat, only mitigated slightly by the footage at the end of commandoes training to fight him.
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    • The loving description of a theoretical 1906-level earthquake in modern Los Angeles in the "Earthquakes" episode.
  • Sequelitis: An attempt was made to revive the series in 2002 with Mitch Pileggi (known as AD Skinner of the X-Files fame) as the narrator, and it lasted for 8 episodes.


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