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YMMV / Imperium Galactica

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  • Fridge Horror: Since Dante was revealed to be a cyborg, what does that mean for Johnny, your son?
  • In Name Only: Since absolutely nothing carries over between the two games.
  • Sequel Displacement: Subverted (more of a Spiritual Successor), but originally the game was called as Reunion II: Imperium Galactica. Reunion was a very similar 4X RTS, with even more complex management, lot of resources (8 kind of lumber types), and more realistic galactic maps (even moons are able to being colonised or mined). However, transporting the resources to the main planet was a pain in ass, there was a lot of bugs, etc. The story got altered during the developement to a point that it didn't connected to the original game anymore, and then after a publisher change, the Reunion was dropped from the title.

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