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YMMV / I'll Be Home for Christmas

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  • Designated Hero: Jake is motivated to go home for Christmas not because he wants to be with his family (which is trying to piece itself back together since his mother died and their father remarried), not to be with his girlfriend, but because he's promised a Porsche if he gets home by Christmas dinner. Not only does he have to be bribed to spend Christmas with his family, but in his efforts to get there he steals from, lies to, and manipulates numerous good-hearted people around him. He's also stuck in the Santa suit because he tried to help three jocks cheat on their final exams, and accepted payment to do so. Yeah, it's hard to root for Jake in this movie.
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  • Idiot Plot: The reason Jake struggles to make it home on time is because he's mugged, dressed up as Santa, and abandoned in the desert with no money or ID. The obvious solution is to just ask someone for help the moment he wakes up. It's not like everyone at the college could have gone home for the holidays, and even if they had, the police are still around. In fact, just going to the police to explain to them "I got mugged and stranded in the desert with no ID" would probably end the movie in about five minutes.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Jake; again, the only reason he's going home for Christmas is because his family bribed him with a car, the central conflict of the film is him making it home on time to get it, and he cons good people in his efforts to get home.

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