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  • Complete Monster:
    • Fight! Iczer-One: Big Gold is a powerful alien android who, along with Iczer-1, is one half of a machine created to grant wishes. Granting the wish of the Cthulhu race's matriarch to save her dying race, Gold ends up turning her species into a fascist leadership with her as their ruler, forcing the matriarch to be her slave and renaming her Sir Violet. Desiring to Take Over the World and eradicate humanity, Gold sends parasitic aliens that mutate and control people from the inside, turning the world into an apocalyptic wasteland, with Nagisa's parents becoming victims themselves. When Sir Violet's plans to destroy Iczer-1 and Nagisa all end up failing, Gold kills her and decides to kill the duo herself. Destroying a human military spaceship, Gold laughs as she witnesses the destruction she's caused on earth, later attempting to kill Iczer-1 herself.
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    • Iczer Reborn: Neos Gold is the monstrous "daughter" of Big Gold herself. Fleeing to Earth to escape Iczer 1, Neos proceeds to attack entire cities and military bases to force Earth to recognize her as a god and use them to bait Iczer into a trap. Routinely sending out her minions to kill as many as possible, Neos also coldly executes them for any failing her before resurrecting the fallen Iczer 2 to fight her battles for her. Upon the finale, Neos Gold plans to use earth as a power source and uses countless humans as human shields before planning to kill the Iczers and annihilate Earth anyways.
    • (Iczer Girl) Iczelion: The wicked sibling team of Cross and Chaos, androids created by Big Gold, travel the galaxy with their forces, the Geas, murdering and destroying all they find. They strip a planet of resources, killing everything there and then hunt down the planet's defenders, the Iczelion, before murdering them, the OVA starting with Cross gleefully torturing an Iczelion to death after wiping out all life on her world. Arriving on earth, Chaos dispatches his strongest soldiers, the Voids, to wipe out entire cities and kill as many people as possible while Cross targets the new Iczelion, gleefully trying to murder her innocent civilian friends and kill and torture as many innocents as she can.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • When Iczer-1 and Nagisa synchronize.
    • Iczer-2 gets one in Iczer-3. After she utterly curbstomps Iczer-3, Golem bombards the area and says that that makes the victory hers. Iczer-2 confronts Golem, who says that Neos only needs her, and fires a shot. Iczer-2's response? She tells Golem that she's a loser, dodges the shot, and neatly bisects her.
  • My Real Daddy: While Toshiki Hirano is pretty much responsible for the series being what it is today, the series began as a manga serialized in the hentai magazine Lemon People created by Aran Rei and said manga is in many ways quite different from what we know today
  • Narm: The dub of Iczer-1. It's an early 90s dub, so what do you expect?
    • The same can be said for Manga UK and ADV's respective dubs of Iczer-3 and Iczelion which have aged just as poorly
  • Tear Jerker: At the climax of Iczer-One, where Nagisa, mind controlled into attacking Iczer-One, pleads Iczer-One to kill her and save the Earth.
    • Atros' death.

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